Reasons To Buy Sequin Cloth

Sequin cloth is a unique fabric that has been gaining popularity in the fashion world. It consists of small shiny discs called sequins attached to a backing material like polyester, nylon or cotton. The reflective quality of sequins makes any outfit made from this fabric stand out. There are several reasons why sequin cloth has become a top choice for fashion designers and consumers alike. 

  1. Versatility 

The versatility of sequin cloth allows it to be used in a wide variety of garment types. As mentioned earlier, it can be transformed into everything from party dresses and gowns to more casual shirts, skirts and accessories. The reflective quality of sequins looks glamorous for formal events but also works for daytime looks when paired with denim or casual pants. 

Designers have especially been experimenting with incorporating sequins into traditionally non-formal clothing. Sequin tops, pants, shorts and rompers are becoming trendy staples. This has helped broaden the appeal of sequin cloth beyond just evening or occasion wear. You can now find eye-catching sequined pieces suitable for day brunches, music festivals or any day out.

The variety of styles and patterns available in sequin cloth also adds to its versatility. As well as solid-colored sequined fabrics, there are lively options like floral prints, geometric patterns and animal motifs. This allows you to effortlessly mix and match different sequined garments or accessories in complementary styles. You also have the flexibility to add just a subtle sequined detail like a hem or collar to an otherwise plain outfit. This is a great way to glamourise a basic top or dress without going overboard. 

  1. Eye-Catching Appeal

The eye-catching appeal of sequin cloth is undoubtedly one of its biggest draws. The tiny shiny sequins are designed to catch any source of light – whether natural daylight, indoor lighting or flash photography. Even in low-light situations, the reflective sequins ensure the wearer stands out from the crowd. 

A sequined outfit demands attention as soon as the wearer enters a room. The light bouncing off the sequins gives the impression of constant sparkling movement. This makes a sequined top or dress the perfect choice for parties where you want to make an entrance. No other fabric can instantly glamorize your look quite like sequins.

On stage or in front of cameras, the reflective quality really comes into its own. Performers have long favored sequined ensembles as they enhance their presence under bright stage lights. The shimmering effect also ensures they photograph beautifully even in fast-moving performances or concerts. Similarly, celebrities know that sequins are red carpet gold – they draw the eye and cameras. Photos of sequined gowns are guaranteed to garner oohs and aahs on social media. This factor has added to the surge in popularity of sequin cloth for those who want to craft lasting impressions.

  1. Durability 

Contrary to popular belief, sequin cloth can actually be very durable when high quality materials are used. Leading fabric stores like The House of Textiles ensure their sequin fabrics are made from polyester or nylon backing for strength and longevity. 

When properly cared for, sequin cloth can withstand many washes and wears. It is always best to hand wash sequined items inside out or take them to dry cleaners. Following care instructions helps the sequins stay securely attached without loosening or falling off over time.

Top stores like The House of Textiles also offer replacement sequins so favorite pieces can be repaired or customized as sequins get damaged. This extends the lifespan of sequin clothing significantly compared to cheaper versions where replacement may not be possible.

  1. Affordability

While sequin cloth exudes luxury, it is actually affordable compared to materials like silk, chiffon or real gold threads. The House of Textiles ensures their sequin fabrics are reasonably priced starting at just Rs. 50 per meter. 

They offer a wide selection at various price points to suit all budgets. Opting for simpler styles or smaller sequins instead of elaborate patterns helps control costs. Many stores also run sales and offers throughout the year, making sequin cloth an accessible luxury.

The affordability and versatility has made sequin cloth a top choice for event fashion, especially in India where ethnic wear is popular. It allows everyone to add a touch of glamour to their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

  1. Customization 

A major advantage of buying sequin cloth from fabric stores like The House of Textiles is the customization options. Designers and customers can choose from various styles, colors and patterns online as per their requirements. 

The wide assortment of over 50 products ensures finding the perfect match. Options also include pairing sequined fabrics with plain materials for interesting effects. Stores allow bulk orders and wholesale pricing for volume requirements of exhibitors, retailers and designers. 

Customization extends to bespoke creations as well. Designers can visit the stores and work with in-house experts to bring unique ideas to life. Samples are also available to visualize concepts before bulk production. This collaborative approach has made The House of Textiles very popular in the fashion industry.

  1. Sustainability 

While sequins may seem wasteful, leading fabric stores are now ensuring their products are more environmentally friendly. The House of Textiles uses polyester or nylon as the backing material for their sequin fabrics. 

These synthetics are highly durable and cause less damage than natural fibers like cotton during production. The sequins themselves are made of recyclable materials like polyester which reduces environmental impact. 

Stores also focus on minimizing fabric wastage during cutting and encourage bulk orders to reduce packaging waste. Proper fabric care helps sequined outfits last many seasons before needing to be replaced. These sustainable practices are increasing sequin cloth’s appeal among ethically conscious consumers.


Sequin cloth has risen to popularity due to its versatility, eye-catching appeal, affordability and customization benefits. Leading the way is The House of Textiles with their extensive collection and focus on quality, variety and sustainability for people who buy fabric online. The reflective quality and luxury look make sequin fabrics a top choice for event fashion, performances and photography. Their durability and affordable price points have expanded the appeal beyond just occasion wear. Overall, sequin cloth is a great investment that can transform any outfit from drab to fab.

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