Different Walkways for Resolving QuickBooks Update Error 15311

QuickBooks installation and update process can turn out to be a humongous task on account of the different error codes that pop up out of nowhere. In the current blog, we shall pay attention to QuickBooks Error 15311, an error observed when users try to update QuickBooks Desktop through the Help tab. It leads to a sudden crashing of QuickBooks and keeps on coming up when the user tries the update process the next time. Read the blog and master the steps to fix QuickBooks Error code 15311.

What factors lead to QuickBooks Error 15311?

This update error can be evoked due to:

  • QuickBooks file being corrupted.
  • QuickBooks entries in the Windows registry are damaged.
  • Installer files accidentally deleted by the user.
  • Windows firewall could be causing an interruption to the QuickBooks update process.

Different Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Update Error 15311

Solution 1: Install latest compatible Digital Signature Certificate

The steps are:

  • Go to the file path – Drive(C)/Program Files (x86)/Intuit/QuickBooks.
  • Now, hit a right-click on QBW32.exe file.
  • Choose Properties
  • Then, click on Digital Signature. Go to Details, followed by View Certificate.
fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  • Head to General tab, then click on Install Certificate.
fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  • When the installation is complete, run QuickBooks and try the update again. Error code 15311 should be sorted.

Solution 2: Run Reboot.bat

Reboot.bat file allows registration of all QuickBooks components afresh. Running this file can fix QuickBooks Error 15311. The process is:

fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  • Right-click QuickBooks icon, click on Properties.
  • Go with Open File Location option.
  • Right-click Reboot.bat file, and then click on Run as Administrator.
  • To process may take a while and when done, QuickBooks will be registered successfully.
  • The next step is to Run QuickBooks as admin and go to Help < Update QuickBooks Desktop < Get update.
  • Run QuickBooks after the update and install the downloaded update.

Solution 3: Incorporate the accurate Payroll Service Key

  • Run QuickBooks, then go for Employees tab.
  • Click on My Payroll Service, followed by Manage Service Keys.
  • Hit Edit.
  • Check the key. If it shows any deviation from the correct one, change it and then Save the changes.

Solution 4: Reset QuickBooks

When updating QuickBooks, resetting the previous updates can resolve Error code 15311. The steps to implement are:

fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  • In the new window, check mark the Reset Update option.
  • Afterwards, go with Get Updates option.
fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  • If QuickBooks Error code 15311 is bypassed, well and good.
  • Otherwise, you can try the next solution.

Additional Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 15311

If the walkways elucidated above do not serve the purpose, then you can try the following measures:

Step 1: Check if Internet Explorer is the default browser.

Step 2: The date and time on the system should match the current one.

Step 3: Check the cipher strength. It reflects the internet connectivity.

Step 4: Delete the temporary and junk files in the system.

Step 5: Use System File Checker Tool

Step 6: Turn off the modem and restart it.

Step 7: Try using different tools in QuickBooks Tool Hub

fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  1. QuickBooks File Doctor for Network issues
fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  1. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool to sort our issues with Windows components
fix QuickBooks Error code 15311
  1. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.


This article explained all the prominent solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 15311. If you are in need of any help in this regard, you can straightaway give our experts a call at the helpline +1-800-615-2347. We will be more than happy to help you.

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