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Why Study in Canada Is Better through IELTS Exam?

Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Despite this, the nation holds 0.5% of the world’s population, which is comparatively less. Thus, students are baffled with one question: why study in Canada? When students think of applying to a foreign country, Canada is at the top of their choice chart. But why? Canada is known for its multicultural environment. It is said to carry an entire planet’s diversity within its borders. Quality of life, better education, job prospects, and healthcare are cherry on the top.

Now that we have understood Canada as a city in general. Let us discuss why a student wishes to study in Canada. What are the supporting reasons for the same? 

Canada- The Education Hub

A recent survey shows Canada is the dream study-abroad destination for many international students. Yet, the image as an education hub is no fluke. Canada stands by giving equal rights and creating a diverse culture. This drives peace in the land. 99% of the people are literate, which proves the country is as best as it can be.

Moreover, travelling to Canada can be a tough task. Do you know why? This is because Canada only accepts admissions and gives out VISA through IELTS. Do not have any idea about IELTS, let us dive into the article to learn more about it.

Brief Overview of the IELTS Exam

IELTS- International English Language Testing System is one of the most famous English-language tests in the world. Around 3 million people sit in this exam every year. Thus, the exam judges a person on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Across all states and colleges in Canada, IELTS test scores are an essential need.

The question remains: Why? A person can be easily judged on these factors through any exam. Why is IELTS significant? Let us discuss this in detail. 

Significance of IELTS for Canadian Universities

IELTS is an exam where a person’s knowledge of the English language is judged. How well a person can speak, read, write, and listen to the English language. So, as proof of language requirements, IELTS is the first test to be recognised by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. IELTS is necessary because it sets a benchmark for the students. So, the IELTS exam helps test the communication skills of the students. Thus, it focuses on real-life communication, which allows students to learn and thrive.

We know now that, IELTS is a critical factor in fulfilling a student’s dream to study in Canada. Let us know in detail what Canada has so unique to offer to its student mass. What are the reasons that build Canada’s stature in the education sector?

Canada’s Reputation in Education Sector: Top 4 Reasons

Canada is known for its world-class education and best quality of life. However, one factor dominating both is quality education. For any country to grow and thrive, the base must be strong. Thus, that base is young students who are the future leaders. Here are some reasons why Canada is the best place to shape young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Quality of Life

A person living in a country has one bare expectation from their nation- To provide a good quality of life. Did you know why study in Canada is famous and known for the quality of life it offers? For any country to provide such a life, it should perform best in some factors. Like better income, job opportunities, quality education, health, and environment. Thus, Canada’s score is most increased in all these areas. Hence, it is one of the best countries to live in.

Multicultural Environment

Did you know that Canada holds a whole globe within its walls? The country’s people feel pride and honor diverse creative customs. Thus, the seeds of multiculturalism go back to centuries of immigration. So, a multicultural society leads to creativity and innovation. It guides people to respect each other despite their race and caste. Thus, it inspires them to have mutual respect for each other. Also, extract any social injustice from people’s day-to-day lives.

Work Opportunities

Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world. Yet! the unemployment rate in the country is around 5 percent, with an employed population of 20 million. Thus, young people choose Canada because of the many thriving industries. Like petroleum, healthcare, e-commerce, and food production. On top of that, getting a visa and work permit in Canada is easy. Hence, it allows students to fulfill their dreams and helps to explore their horizons in the job sector.

Quality Education

Did you know around 7.5 lakh Indian students study in Canada? Also, the country is on the top five list of countries for providing the best education. The major factor that contributes to this aspect is high quality of life. Thus, lax rules, diverse academic courses, tuition fees, and living costs are all looming factors for students to choose Canada. In addition, equality is one critical factor that gives the Canadian education system an edge.

Now that we have discussed why study in Canada holds a great stature among students. Let us discuss the successful impact that a student experiences through the IELTS exam. How does the IELTS exam help a student during and after the study abroad process?  

Successful Impact through IELTS Exam

When students start their study abroad Canada journey, they do everything necessary. Yet! Sometimes, they are not able to understand why an exam holds such great importance. So, let us discuss the impact of the IELTS exam on the life and career of a learner. 

  • Through IELTS, students can be a beacon and attract world-class opportunities.
  • Students can enhance their communication skills along with reasoning abilities.
  • IELTS is a critical tool to help students with their career prospects and academia.
  • A bridge between dreams and realities. IELTS helps students with their visa and immigration.

Final Words

When students decide to study abroad Canada through the IELTS exam, the process prepares pupils with the language demands of the country. In this article, we discussed why scholars should consider Canada for study. In addition, how IELTS can help students bridge the gaps between their dreams and direct them toward their goals. In the end, when a person opens their mind, they open doors to new possibilities. IELTS is that chance that can help students to outshine and begin their study abroad journey.

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