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Why is Arlo App Not Working on iPhone?

I have installed an Arlo app for iPhone but it is not working. I can’t log in to the app. What should I do now? If you are also stuck and can’t use your Arlo app then try the fixes discussed in this post. The solutions presented in this article have been gathered after a lot of research. Make sure that you are applying each remedy properly to get rid of the app not working issue. Let’s begin.

How to Fix Arlo App that’s Not Working for iPhone?

The first step that you should take is to check the Arlo app on any other phone. Is it only the iPhone on which the app isn’t working? If you can log in to an alternative device then it is the phone specific issue. You can also use the web interface to log in to the Arlo camera. In case you want to use only the Arlo app then use the tips provided below to get your Arlo app fixed.

1. Check for Updates

Maybe you haven’t updated the Arlo app installed on your iPhone. Check for updates for the mobile app now. Get to the App Store on your phone and see if there’s an update pending. If you find an update ready, then update the app immediately. Soon after the app gets updated to the latest version, try to launch it and log in.

2. Reboot the iPhone

Try to reboot your iPhone now. A technical glitch might be stopping the app from working properly. So, reboot your phone now. After the phone boots up completely, run the Arlo app on it. It should be working without any hassle

3. Check Internet Connection

Check the internet connection to the iPhone. Is it receiving a stable internet? A shaky WiFi connection can be responsible for the trouble that you are experiencing right now. Try rebooting the WiFi router and bring the phone to the network range to fix the connectivity issue.

4. Remove Apps in Background

Multiple apps keep running in the background when you use them on your phone even after you’ve closed them. The apps degrade the phone’s performance. You should go ahead and remove the apps that are running in the background of your iPhone. Some memory will release and the phone will begin working as intended. The app should work too after that.

5. Update iOS

It is possible that the iOS installed on your iPhone is running on the older version. Why don’t you update the iOS on your iPhone now? Get the OS updated to the latest version and then see if the app works for you or not.

6. Reboot Arlo Base Station

If you have Arlo Base Station setup done for your Arlo camera then reboot it. Rebooting the Arlo Base Station will give the network connection a new start. Unplug the Base Station from its power source. After some time plug it in back and see if this helps.

7. Reinstall the Arlo App

If you are not able to log in to your Arlo app on the iPhone even after trying all the fixes discussed above then delete the app. After the app is uninstalled, reboot the phone once again. Wait for some time and let the phone boot up completely. Get the Arlo secure app reinstalled once again. This time it should work without giving you any trouble.

Wrap Up

Getting issues with the Arlo secure app on your Android or iPhone is very common. In case you are stuck and can’t log use your Arlo app then make use of the troubleshooting solutions provided in this post. We are sure that at least one out of many remedies from this post will help you out to get your Arlo secure app up and working in no time. Now that the app is working, you can log in using the admin credentials and make the desired changes to your Arlo security camera or Arlo Base Station.

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