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What to Do If Your Car is Totaled and How Auto Wreckers Can Help

The number of motor vehicle crashes in New Zealand is quite high which is around 27000+ every year and the ratio of car damages in that part takes over some major values. Running into a car accident can be a very traumatic experience, and it feels more bad if your vehicle is declared a total loss. Because Now if you do not have a cover for your vehicle then Beyond just dealing with injuries, you have to deal with your wrecked car . In that case one can only be left with the way of selling out one’s vehicle but the questions are where to sell and how to get the most value from it. This is where contacting an experienced auto wrecker like CashForScrapCars can make the process much smoother and facilitates you with the best cash for cars. 

As junk car removals and Auto Car Wreckers experts serving the Auckland area, they have extensive experience of years dealing with totaled vehicles. Their systemised services take care of all the essential measures to bring out the maximum value out of your damaged vehicle. They know just how stressful this situation can be and How to deal with every make and model. And suggest solutions for all the questions like what to do if your insurer declares your car totaled and how Scrap My Car services can help maximise your payout.

What Does it Mean if Your Car is Totaled After an Accident?

If the damage to your vehicle from an accident is so severe that your insurer deems it uneconomical to repair, they will declare it a total loss. This is often referred to as a “write-off”. Some key indicators that your car may be totaled include:

– Extreme damage like crushed frame/body:  a nice and solid frame gives structure to the car but when this frame gets damaged then rebuilding can be near to Impossible and repairing may incur some heavy cost to your budget.

– Airbags deployed in the crash: airbag damages are also one of the concerning issues for the car owners because it wouldn’t work as ever before

– Water damage from flooding: the worst nightmare for every car owner is getting water damage as it can lead to rusting of car internal parts that reduce its effectiveness and functionality.

– Fire damage: fire damages considered as a total loss for every vehicle. So whatever it is a car, a van or a truck it is the worst damage for everyone and Sometimes repair estimate exceeds 70-80% of car’s pre-accident value

If the insurer’s inspector determines it would cost more to fix the car than its remaining market value, they declare it totaled. At this point they will pay out the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your vehicle as per your policy.

What to Do Immediately After Your Car is Declared Totaled

1. Gather all paperwork from the accident and claims process. This includes the police report, insurance documents, and the adjuster’s total loss evaluation. You’ll need these for negotiations and when dealing with Auto Car Wreckers. But an advantage that you can avail while dealing with the CashForScrapCars is that you would be free of dealing with this paperwork burden.

2. Remove all personal items from the vehicle. Before your car has been towed you should check it properly each and every time because sometimes customers leave their valuables inside their vehicles. Make sure you don’t leave anything you want to keep in the wrecked car. 

3. Do some research: Knowing your vehicle value will help when negotiating a settlement. It gives you an overview of your car’s value in the market and choice would be much easier for you.

4. Save time and earn money: But if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have that much time for such research work you can simply Contact reputable car wreckers for a quote on your totaled car who will give you the best out of it with quick cash payments.

Should You Keep the Wrecked Car?

Some owners consider keeping their totaled vehicle and repairing it or stripping it for parts. This route exceeds most people’s mechanical abilities and available time. Attempting repairs on a badly damaged vehicle with a compromised frame and airbag deployment can also be dangerous. 

The wise move is selling the totaled and junk car to Auto Car Wreckers. As junk car removal experts, they specialise in properly and safely dismantling vehicles. Leave it to the professionals and avoid the hassle and safety risks!

Last tips for getting the most value from your damaged car

Getting your car damaged in an accident is always an unwelcome hassle, but you can alleviate some of the frustration by taking steps to maximise your payout. One of the best moves is contacting professional car wreckers Auckland to purchase your damaged vehicle. Respected companies like CashForScrapCars specialise in properly dismantling damaged cars and trucks and extracting full value from them. They provide instant quotes, handle all paperwork, and remove the vehicle at no charge – paying out in as little as 24 hours. They boost the appraised value assessed by insurers, putting more money in your pocket. When negotiating your insurance settlement, submit their wrecking quote to substantiate a higher resale value. The funds from both your insurer and car wreckers Auckland combine to take the sting out of your total loss situation. Don’t settle for less than your car is truly worth. Call them today to get competitive advice on maximising your total loss payout.

Get a Quote From CashForScrapCars on Your Totaled Vehicle

If you’ve had the misfortune of getting your vehicle totaled, don’t wait to get a free quote! Contact reputable Auckland Auto Car Wreckers and Junk Car Removals like CashForScrapCars, they will ensure you get top dollar for your damaged car. Call them at 800600502 or complete their online form to get a written quote within 24 hours. They handle all the paperwork and make the process quick and stress-free during this difficult time. Let them take your damaged carriage off your hands and get you paid!

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