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Tips to Make LOR by Overseas Education Consultants in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the second-largest IT hub and third-largest in terms of financial banking. Students living in Gurgaon city are highly aspirational. They dream and try to achieve big in their life. Many of them, wish to pursue education from another country. However, studying abroad involves a lot of crucial steps. So, to ease this process, overseas education consultants in Gurgaon offer the right guidance and support. Among the other complex stages in the journey, one such step is preparing a letter of Recommendation (LOR). Also, this letter helps the admission board to know more about the scholar. Thus, it is a great tool to stand out from others.

5 Easy Ways to Prepare Letter of Reference

When students apply for their dream university, they have to arrange a lot of crucial documents. So, this letter of reference is included when applying to the college. So, overseas education consultants in Gurgaon can make or break the chances of being accepted to a study program or receiving a scholarship. Also, the letter shows achievements by including the outlook of a third party on the student’s abilities, experience, and personal traits. Sometimes, scholars with below average GRE get admission to top colleges with great LOR. Thus, it is vital to make a perfect letter of recommendation without any errors. Let us look at some tips to make a great LOR.

Choose Your Referee Carefully

The first step to writing a LOR is to think about who should write your reference letter. Students must choose their referee carefully. So, it is better to choose recommenders who are great examples in their fields. Those who have credibility and experience are to be taken seriously by the admission board. For instance, a letter of reference would be taken more gravely when it is written by a head of department instead of a junior teacher. Also, they must know a scholar in and out only then, a referee can showcase their strengths and weaknesses.

Take Time to Compile

It is crucial to start writing your LOR two to three months before the submission. This one-page document holds great value in the entrance process. Also, it is crucial to give referees enough time to craft a good LOR. So, overseas education consultants in Gurgaon can help request at least a few months before to avoid missing any information. This step shows that you respect their time and allows referees to make thoughtful letters. Plan the content and body and also the person you want the reference from. Thus, don’t forget “hurry spoils the curry”!

Highlight Important Aspects

It is crucial to remember that colleges don’t want to know every detail. They just want to know specific areas that show their strengths and weaknesses. The admission board should know about student’s dedication toward that college or program. So, a great LOR should focus on only a few vital qualities of a student. Also, the letter should reflect the relationship of a referee and a scholar.

Thus, it should speak about how an applicant has polished their skills and how they overcome various challenges.

Using Anecdotes

A good referee will not just use the details given on the resume but will also give an overview of the student. They will showcase the scholar’s scholastic qualifications and personal traits along with their potential success. So, the best way to highlight these qualities is by using anecdotes. It shows learners as a person and what drives them towards a better future on the admission board. Try to narrate stories to communicate to the committee. Thus, this approach will make you stand out from the rest and try to make personal space in the reader’s mind.

Use CAR Framework

CAR framework stands for Challenge, Action, and Result. Using this approach can make a lasting impact on the entrance board of the college. So, this framework focuses on student’s achievements in the form of challenges, actions, and results taken by scholars. This step reviews the challenge, explains the learner’s action on that problem, and shows the impact of those actions. Also, this gives the committee an overall idea of their deep knowledge of problem-solving abilities and skills. Thus, try to explain all three factors in detail for better results.

Enhance Vocabulary

Students use cliche words like a hardworking, fast learner, and a perfectionist. So, it makes a letter very common and easy to forget. With the help of study visa consultants in Gurgaon, students can improve their vocabulary to write an LOR. Also, it will be a bonus point in passing visa interviews and exams. Using powerful vocabulary shows that the letter was written by putting effort and thought. Always make sure to avoid any grammatical mistakes to get positive feedback. Thus, this step will have a lasting effect on the entrance board.

After reading tips and tricks to write LOR, here are a few mistakes to avoid when writing a letter of reference.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Making LOR

Getting a letter of reference is not an easy task. It needs proper execution and planning. A LOR gives an overall insight into a student’s skills, traits, and abilities. It is a crucial document for any scholar going to study overseas. The letter shows the committee how the learner is perceived by their teachers and seniors. However, an applicant overlooks this essential paper and makes some mistakes during the process. Thus, this can ruin their chance to study abroad. Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid.

Not Maintaining Protocol:

There are some crucial factors to maintaining the protocol of a LOR. The letter should not be handwritten, it must be typed. Also, it must be under university letterhead. The doc should be delivered to the committee in a sealed envelope. Thus, these factors show the authenticity of the LOR.

Missing Relevant Details:

The referee must know all the information about the student. So, they can take the help of a resume or SOP. Also, to ease the process, scholars should make a Word doc with all their information.

  • Informal Language: One must be careful about the language they are using in an LOR. Some sentences and phrases can inadvertently hurt sentiments. Thus, use formal words to avoid hurting emotions.
  • Hasty Writings: Writing in a hurry can always lead to making mistakes. So, a referee should have time to write you LOR. Also, students should keep a backup referee in case the first one fails to deliver the LOR on time.
  • Repeating Resume or SOP: To gain knowledge about the student, a referee uses SOP or resume for reference. However, one must not copy it. It can ruin the chances of entrance and might even cancel it. Thus, copying the LOR can look like the referee does not know the student at all.


Summing it up, writing a LOR can be a confusing and tiring process for a student. However, with the right guidance and support, they can get admission to their dream college easily. So, mentors in Gurgaon can help write a LOR by keeping the above tips in mind. From choosing the right referee to improving vocabulary, study visa consultants in Gurgaon can guide you through the process of writing a letter of reference. Experts from Gradding.com can help craft a letter and also avoid common mistakes. Thus, they make sure that a scholar’s LOR stands out from the crowd.

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