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Pretty in Pink: Matching Your Lipcolor with Pink Makeup

This tutorial will help you complement pink eye makeup with your lipcolor. One helpful lip makeup technique is to accentuate your lips. However, this time, not too much so as to not overpower your eye pretty pink makeup.

For the color of lip liner, we’ll use a neutral color. A really neutral pinky nude will go best with the look we’re trying to achieve. Something that’s almost skin tone or lighter than skin tone, just to accentuate the lips and not to add any color.

For those with lips that are very petite, just draw them in and fill them in and make them a little puffier. On the other hand, for those with full lips, lining the lips will do just fine. Just give it the effect that it’s a little bigger and poutier. We just want to make the lips look a little bigger and to fill them in so that the lip gloss stays on longer.

Before applying anything on the lips, one helpful technique from professional makeup artists is to put on powder on the lips. This will serve as the base and make anything you put on the lips to stay on longer.

Start out on the bottom lip and just draw the line a little bit underneath her natural lip line. We don’t want the lips to look substantially bigger, but just give it the effect that it’s a little bigger. Also, fill in the entire lip with the lip liner and to prevent the lip gloss from bleeding. Little by little, just fill in the lip and overdraw the lip line a tiny bit.

To finish off the look, add a pink lip gloss. It is recommended to use a very sheer, almost baby pink that has a bit of iridescence to it. Though there is no lipstick or glitter, the iridescence gives off some shine. Since you already have vibrant pink for your eye makeup, it’s better to keep the pink on the lips to a minimum. Blend the gloss with lip liner to remove any harsh lines. This will make everything look natural. This will also take away the natural lip color so that we’ll get to see more of that gloss.

Pick something that’s will go really well with the lip liner and cover it and just mesh with it nicely and not cause too much attention to the lips or else it will divert one’s attention from your pink funky eyes.

The look we’re trying to achieve is a pretty neutral lip color. It is to give that nice pouty lip look without adding too much color. Since the eyes are already very dramatic, the lips must be really neutral. We would still want it glossy and pouty, just not with too much color. Using a lip brush, add the lip gloss right on top of the lip liner. You can put on as much or as little as you want, depending on what you like.

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