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Exploring the scope in Fashion Designing

Fashion culture is booming, and it is growing bigger and bigger every day for the better. As a result, a lot of students want to make it a career and take up fashion designing courses in one of the top fashion designing colleges in Mumbai

However, with so many players already in this dynamic field, you may wonder whether it will be feasible to invest your precious years to study fashion design.

Luckily, you are at the right place to get all the necessary information and have a fair idea about your career prospects as a fashion designer.

The career prospects

Right at the outset, be informed that studying fashion design is not a walk in the park. It will need a lot of dedication on your part. Therefore, consider it only if you have a passion for it and you are creative enough. You must also have a sense of aesthetics and originality to flourish in this glamorous and dynamic industry.

With that said, you will be more than just a fashion designer after completing your course from the best colleges in Maharashtra. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is a much more rewarding prospect than you thought it was initially.

Fashion designer:

This is the most common career in which you create new designs based on the prevailing trends and make some changes to them to make them look more creative. Nonetheless, a fashion designer is a creator and certainly a trendsetter, shaping a new world of fashion for the future.

Fashion illustrator:

The job of a fashion illustrator is to listen to a fashion designer and create sketches of their ideas based on their intent and vision. This means that the primary job of a fashion illustrator is to give a specific form to the concept of a fashion designer, thereby helping to create something unique.

Fashion coordinator:

If your job involves supervising the execution and management of a fashion show or event, you will be called a fashion coordinator. However, you will need to be adequately creative to design different products for advertising and promotion of the event.

As for the tactical aspects of this specific career, you will be responsible for the arrangement and management of the marketing strategies of a fashion design company.

Fashion consultant:

This is one of the most common and exciting careers in the fashion world. If you want to become a fashion consultant, during your study, you will learn about how you can redefine and develop the professional as well as personal image of your clients to make it better.

For this, you will need to know about the changes happening in the fashion world as well as the prevailing ones.

Fashion merchandiser:

A lesser-known career option in fashion design involves marketing the products designed and selling them, usually on behalf of a fashion agency or company. In this field, you will need to have adequate knowledge of both the best ways to promote and sell a product as well as the design process.

Fashion stylist:

A fashion stylist is a person who focuses more on the presentation aspect of a newly created product. This is a significant responsibility that enhances the appeal and value of the product created when worn by a model. They highlight the dress code, makeup, and hairstyle of the models of the fashion show.

In other words, the job of a fashion stylist is to make everything from the outfit to the model wearing it much more appealing and presentable to the audience.


So, there are lots of options offered by fashion design that you can take up and build your career in.

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