5 Tips for Choosing the Best Staffing Company in India

To achieve success in business, organisations hire, mentor and retain skilled, productive and reliable staff. HR management is the most powerful tool in ensuring the same for organisations. For organisations, the hiring process sometimes becomes difficult and time-consuming due to the urgency of getting tasks done or the lack of resources or data.

For that, a staffing agency in India can be an effective solution. The best staffing company in India helps you find suitable candidates according to your needs while eliminating those who are not suitable.

Now there are several staffing agencies around that offer services. How do you choose the right staffing agency for you? Here are some suggestions you can use before hiring a staffing company. Let’s have a look! 

Define Your Need First 

If you want a desired staffing service in India from a wide range of options, start by knowing your purpose & necessity of hiring a staffing company. For example, your organisation may need employees temporarily or permanently within a time zone. Also, decide whether you want candidates in bulk, on contract, etc. And write your other requirements like meeting the compliance regarding payroll, legal matters. Don’t forget to share all information with the staffing company. When you have a clear understanding of how your organisation works and clarity about your talent needs, it will enable you to choose the best recruitment agency in India.

Check the Experience of Staffing Agencies 

Yes, it’s right that past results never guarantee future outcomes, but a continued success rate plays an important role in a staffing agency. You need to find the details about the organisation’s establishment, which include client reviews and founders’ backgrounds. You may also check the review, success rate, and records of ongoing clients. Check and understand their expertise through information provided online on social media portal or their website. 

Find an Organisation That Works According to Your Need 

Several companies in India want suitable candidates for different job profiles. You may also be required to fill critical vacancies too. Select an organisation that is promising and has a proven work record. Most of the best staffing companies in India work for specific industries, with some sourcing talents across industries. So, for selecting a hiring agency for your organisation, look how much expertise they have in fulfilling hiring requirements for companies operating in your industry. Once you finish doing this due diligence, you can not only spot the right staffing company in India but also get the required talent pool to propel in the right direction.

Check Testimonials 

You can check reviews of recruitment firms on various platforms like Google Reviews, MouthShut, Quora and other review sites. You can also visit the organisation’s website and review the testimonials that staffing agencies posted on their websites. With this, you can solve your various doubts you may have regarding the staffing agency. Another way is to check the companies they are working for and learn more about their work and experience and the quality of hiring employees. Also, check the retention rate of the employees. And, don’t forget to check their social media handles and the reviews of the people they received. 

Know How They Find Candidates 

Find out how staffing agencies arrange candidates for you, and understand their selection strategies. You can also check other clients and how they are helped in getting suitable candidates for different roles. Check out the employee retention rate. 

Arrange meetings with the staffing company and understand their staffing scenarios. If they are not working as per the guidance and requirements, like if they are just restricted to merely placing job ads in the local newspaper, you may not get talent as per your desire. They must correctly resort to numerous talent hunt platforms, research social media handles and digital advertisement for getting candidates on time and allowing organisations to grow. 


Finding, selecting and hiring the right candidate is an important and complex task, even for the best staffing agency in India. The quality of candidates you receive also depends on your relationship with the staffing company. So, you must find a capable and experienced company for staffing work, such as Kutumbh HRCare. Yes, time, money and effort are invested in finding and observing companies but proper research gives you the right staffing company for your work. 
Staffing is not an easy process, but Kutumbh HRCare ( Kaam Matlab Kutumbh) can help you spot bright talents. It helps you by finding the candidate for the organisation but also helps in other HR services like onboarding, training, payroll and legal compliance management. Thus, by shaking hands with Kutumbh HRCare, you can stay relaxed on candidate sourcing, as it will do that on your behalf. Contact Now!

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