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Enhancing Parental Control with WhatsApp Tracker App

WhatsApp Tracker provides an easy way to monitor your kids’ chats and ensure their safety without invading their privacy. Peace of mind has never been so accessible. It is a practical solution that allows parents to view kids’ chats without advanced technical skills.

How WhatsApp Tracker Works

WhatsApp Tracker is a surveillance application that can be installed on your child’s phone to monitor WhatsApp messages.

Some of the key features of WhatsApp Tracker include:

  • View all WhatsApp chats, including group conversations. See messages that have been deleted.
  • Monitor shared photos, videos, and voice messages.
  • See call logs with details like caller name, date, time, and duration of calls.
  • Track phone location and view location history to see where your child has been.
  • Work in stealth mode without the user finding out they are being monitored.
  • Easy to set up and use without advanced technical knowledge. User-friendly web-based interface.
  • Affordable subscription options for any budget.

WhatsApp Tracker: Practical Tips for Monitoring Kids’ Chats

As a concerned parent, monitoring your child’s WhatsApp chats is important to ensure their safety and well-being. WhatsApp Tracker apps offer practical solutions for non-tech-savvy parents to discreetly oversee kids’ messaging activities.

Set Up the WhatsApp Tracker App

Ensure you follow all laws regarding consent and user privacy in your country.

View WhatsApp Chats and Media

Scan media files to check for any inappropriate content.

Set Chat Filters and Alerts

With chat filters, you can flag keywords and phrases to receive alerts when they appear in your child’s WhatsApp conversations. Set filters for terms related to cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, violence, drugs, or depression. Get notified right away if any concerning chats need your attention.

Check Chat History and Contacts

Most cell phone spy apps provide access to your child’s WhatsApp account’s full chat history, call logs, and contact list. Browse previous chats and calls to identify suspicious messages or unknown contacts. Check that your child is not engaging with people who may wish to harm them.

OgyMogy is the Best WhatsApp Tracker Tool for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

As a non-tech-savvy parent, finding the right tool to help monitor your child’s WhatsApp messages can take time and effort. However, OgyMogy stands out as one of the best WhatsApp Tracker apps currently available for parents seeking to enhance their parental control.

Comprehensive Monitoring

It also tracks call logs to show who your child calls or receives calls from.

Keyword Alerts

With OgyMogy, you can set up custom keyword alerts to notify you whenever words or phrases appear in your child’s WhatsApp messages. This helps ensure you stay on top of potentially risky conversations and can take appropriate action.

Stealth Mode

OgyMogy operates in stealth mode, so your child will not know they are being monitored. The app runs in the background without giving any notifications or signs of its presence. This allows you to watch in secret and avoid potential arguments over privacy concerns.

FAQs About WhatsApp Tracker for Parental Control

Once you have set up WhatsApp Tracker on your child’s iPhone and Android, you may have questions about how it works and its full capabilities. Here are some frequently asked questions about using WhatsApp Tracker for parental control:

Can my child detect WhatsApp Tracker on their phone?

No, WhatsApp Tracker runs in stealth mode and is undetectable on the target device. It does not appear on the app menu or notification bar. Your child will not receive any alerts to indicate monitoring or tracking software has been installed. WhatsApp Tracker is invisible to ensure you can monitor messages without your child becoming aware of the surveillance.

How far back can I view WhatsApp messages?

Once WhatsApp Tracker is set up, you will have access to your child’s WhatsApp messages from that point onward. Unfortunately, you cannot view conversations that took place before installing the software. WhatsApp Tracker begins tracking and recording WhatsApp activity as soon as it is enabled, so you should set it up as quickly as possible for the best monitoring.

Can I block contacts or restrict WhatsApp use?

Yes, with WhatsApp Tracker, you can block specific contacts from messaging your child or restrict WhatsApp use altogether during school hours or bedtime. To block contacts, select the individual chat threads you wish to block. To schedule WhatsApp restrictions, set time limits using the ‘Restrictions’ menu.


Using a tool like WhatsApp Tracker allows you to monitor your child’s messages and online interactions discreetly and straightforwardly. With WhatsApp Tracker, you can easily enhance your parental control and gain valuable insights into your child’s digital life.

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