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Demand in Canada for Painters, Sculptors, and Other Visual Artists in 2023

Demand in Canada for Painters, Sculptors, and Other Visual Artists is expected to increase in the upcoming years. It has been projected that 28,000 fresh jobs will be created owing to expansion and replacement needs in the next few years. Furthermore, 35,000 fresh positions for immigrants and fresh graduates will be available for candidates seeking to work and live in Canada.

Painters, Sculptors, and Other Visual Artists are considered highly skilled professionals and are offered an annual salary of $98,400 to $69,300.

Creative arts and design occupations can be rewarding, demanding, and exciting. These skilled workers have a good chance of a successful application if they apply for Canada PR from India. They are required to score specific points score on the CRS Score Calculator.

Sculptors, Painters, and other Visual Artists create unique sculptures, drawings, paintings, and other artistic works. Usually, they are self-employed. Art Instructors and Teachers who are normally employed at Art Schools are also included under this category.

The NOC code for Painters, Sculptors, and Other Visual Artists is 53122.

Title Examples

·         Animal Art Sculptor

·         Animal Art Painter

·         Art Instructor (except Post-secondary, Secondary, and Primary education)

·         Art Teacher (except Post-secondary, Secondary, and Primary education)

·         Artist

·         Artistic Printmaker

·         Artistic Painter

·         Clay Modeler

·         Charcoal Artist

·         Decorations Painter – Visual Arts

·         Etcher – Visual Arts

·         Ink Sketcher

·         Ice Sculptor

·         Inuit Art Sculptor

·         Lithographic Artist

·         Landscape Painter

·         Maritime Art Painter

·         Monument Sculptor

·         Metal Sculptor

·         Mural Painter

·         Mural Landscape Artist

·         Oil Painter

·         Painting Teacher

·         Painter – Visual Arts

·         Plastic Arts Artist

·         Portrait Painter

·         Printmaking Teacher

·         Printmaker – Visual Arts

·         Scenery Painter

·         Scenic Painter – Visual Arts

·         Sculptor-Modeler

·         Sculpture Teacher (except Post-secondary, Secondary, and Primary education)

·         Sculptor

·         Sculpturing Teacher (except Post-secondary, Secondary, and Primary education)

·         Silkscreen Artist

·         Silhouette Artist

·         Video Artist

The Hiring Process in Canada

The process of hiring for creative and artistic roles is somewhat unique owing to the need for demonstrating candidates’ portfolios of work. This will differ based on if you have applied through a job posting or are coordinating through a Recruiter. You must not get dejected if you do not receive a response.

Below is a brief outline of a standard hiring process:

Screening Interview

Normally, this will be conducted by an HR staff. You may be informed to present your portfolio. However, your experience and resume will mostly be the focus. You may progress to the next level if all goes well.

Portfolio Interview

You will be required to present the portfolio demonstrating your work to the authorized person in the company/organization. It will be quite exhaustive as the focus will be on your skills, creative thinking, and innovative ideas that you demonstrate. Even if you are a fresher, they are keen to identify the creative spark in you that indicates your competency to advance for the role offered.

Final Round

You can have a meeting with another senior stakeholder prior to being offered the job offer.

Totally, there can be 4 to 5 rounds. Apart from your creative skills, you will also be evaluated for your cultural fit, character, and personality. You must remain true to yourself. The entire process of the interview can require 2 to 6 weeks.

Navigating salary prospects

Setting salary expectations is a major focus area for newly arrived immigrants to Canada. You can refer to multiple platforms for this purpose like Glassdoor, Canada Job Bank, and reports from recruitment companies like Randstad and Hays.

Your salary will be highly variable based on your destination in Canada and your work experience.

The sources mentioned above will allow you to filter job roles as per region and experience level and city to enable you to get a realistic picture of your likely salary. Preferably, you must make a comparison of diverse salary figures from various platforms to arrive at a good estimated value.

Always remember that the work in the creative industry can be in any form like freelance, contract (provisional or long-term), or full-time. Thus, income has to be calculated accordingly such as an hourly, monthly retainer, weekly or annual salary.

The creative sector offers numerous chances for individuals thriving on creative challenges and who relish innovative thinking for solving an extensive range of design and communication challenges. It is a career suitable for individuals who relish the process of the creation of visual art. Furthermore, it can also be rewarding both financially and personally.

Do the research diligently, network with the right people, and make pathways into opportunities. Canada has a lot to offer to creative professionals and skilled workers, you could be one of them.

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