Creative Solutions Help Smooth the Development Journey of Liposome Drug Delivery

According to the latest market report about liposome and nanoparticle drug delivery, the market size and market share continue to expand in 2023 and will be expected to touch USD 8977.8 million by 2028. These data obviously prove the extensive promise of broad applications of liposome drug delivery in a variety of disease treatments. For many years, liposomes as potential drug carriers have received much attention as they are highly biocompatible, easy to control in vivo, and can also reduce the likelihood of drug-associated cardiotoxicity, which is one of the critical advantages of liposomes. Especially recent advancements in solid lipid nanoparticles that allowed the development of messenger RNA vaccines to fight against COVID-19, which offers opportunities for other new drug development in the future.


In addition, the other potential application of lipid nanoparticles is gene therapy. Gene therapy has the potential to treat a broad range of illnesses brought on by genetic mutations. Despite extensive and varied research in the field, gene therapy has traditionally only been used to treat a very small number of patients, and even fewer have been successfully cured. Gene therapy—as well as all of biology—has been transformed since the invention of the genetic modification method known as CRISPR-Cas9 in 2012. It has just started being used in clinical trials to treat some human illnesses. It was recently reported that scientists had developed a new delivery system based on lipid nanoparticles for CRISPR-Cas9 that could greatly enhance the efficiency of in vivo gene therapy.


These new findings about liposomes have created adequate research data and new insights for the development of new drugs and novel therapies. However, pharma companies currently hardly have the capacity to complete new drug development research on their own. It is the reason that more expert biotech companies build up, for they can better assist researchers with their projects based on their professional skills and broad experience.


A member of the scientific team from Creative Biolabs said, “Indeed, the market needs more different drug delivery technologies due to the diverse administration routes and models. Considering that pharma companies cannot meet all the demands of new drug delivery development, the best choice is to cooperate with CRO companies to benefit from their advanced professional technologies and extensive experience in these sectors, making their development research projects run more smoothly.”


With decades of experience in the development of lipid-based drug carriers, Creative Biolabs aims to cooperate with clients in a wide range of areas, ranging from liposome development and lipid nanoparticle development to gene editing-based liposome development, satisfying the growing need for pharmaceutical R&D outsourcing for novel drug delivery technology and becoming a reliable partner of preference for scientific research and product development.

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