Can Glock 43 Extended Mag Boost Your Shooting Capacity?

The current period of carrying concealed firearms Glock 43 has gained popularity as a reliable and compact handgun model. Most of the gun enthusiasts find themselves as pondering the advantages of the gun with extended magazine. In the meantime, the question arises that Can Glock 43 extend mag boost your shooting capacity? 

To know answer, let’s explore the advantages and considering of upgrading your glock 43 with extended magazine:

Features of the Glock 43: A Comprehensive Overview

  • Gen 4 Enhancements: The Glock 43, introduced as a Generation 4 pistol, boasts common features seen across all Gen 4 Glocks. It incorporates a Rough Textured Frame (RTF) surface, designed to enhance traction, and eliminates the finger grooves on the grip front, providing a more ergonomic feel.
  • Upgraded Dual Recoil Spring: A notable enhancement in Gen 4 pistols is the upgraded dual recoil spring assembly. This feature significantly reduces felt recoil during the shooting cycle, contributing to the prolonged lifespan of the firearm.
  • Enlarged and Reversible Magazine Release: Gen 4 Glocks feature an enlarged and reversible magazine release catch, allowing users to switch it to the right side for right-handed shooters without additional parts.
  • Built-in Beaver Tail Design: The G43 stands out with its built-in beaver tail design, a feature not standard in other Gen 4 Glocks. This design allows for a higher grip, preventing slide bite, a common issue with pocket-sized semi-auto pistols.
  • Extractor as Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI): The extractor on Glock pistols, including the G43, doubles as a Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI). This feature, both visually and physically, indicates whether a cartridge is loaded in the chamber.
  • Controls: The G43 comes from the factory with primary controls oriented for right-handed shooters. While the magazine release can be swapped, the slide-stop release button lacks an option for a left-handed configuration. The only ambidextrous control is the take-down lever used for disassembly.
  • Functional Controls: Despite the slide stop release being a bit challenging to actuate due to its design, it can be overcome by training or installing an aftermarket extended lever. The mag release consistently drops free, ensuring functionality.
  • Concealed Carry: The Glock 43 is purpose-built for concealed carry, fitting various carry orientations such as appendix, IWB, shoulder, ankle, and pocket carry. While not ideal for plinking or target shooting, its compact size aligns with its core purpose of self-defense and carry.
  • Magazines: Glock ships the G43 with a flush-fit 6-round magazine designed for concealability. The unique polymer coating on the metal-framed single-stack magazine reduces the risk of damage when dropped and protects against corrosion. The factory magazines drop reliably, with options for aftermarket extensions for additional rounds.
  • Sights: The G43 often comes with factory polymer Glock sights, easily replaceable for user preferences. Glock offers versions with Glock Night Sights and steel sights, commonly found in “blue label” Glocks intended for law enforcement channels.
  • Trigger: Equipped with the standard Glock trigger, the G43 has a pull weight of about 5.5 pounds and a predictable half-inch of travel until it breaks. The trigger is functional but may feel springy to some users. For those seeking a crisper pull, aftermarket trigger replacements are available.

Advantages Of An Extended Magazine

  • Increased Round Count: 

The primary advantage of adding an extended magazine to your Glock 43 extended mag is the boost in ammunition capacity. By replacing the standard 6-round magazine with an extended version, you can typically increase your round count to 8, 9, or even more. This extra capacity can be crucial in self-defense situations where every round counts.

  • Enhanced Grip and Control: 

The extended magazine often comes with an extended baseplate, providing a better grip on the firearm. A more substantial grip can contribute to improved control and accuracy during rapid or sustained fire. For shooters with larger hands, this can be a game-changer, making the Glock 43 more comfortable and effective.

  • Extended Training Sessions: 

When at the range, the extended magazine allows for longer training sessions without the need for frequent reloading. This can be advantageous for honing skills, working on accuracy, and familiarizing yourself with the handling of your Glock 43 under various conditions. Extended magazines reduce the interruptions caused by reloading, providing a more continuous and productive practice session.


The decision to upgrade to a Glock 43 extended mag ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. The advantages, such as increased round count, improved grip, and extended training sessions, are compelling for many gun owners. However, it’s crucial to weigh these benefits against considerations like concealability, comfort, and reliability.

Ultimately, the Glock 43 extended mag has the potential to boost your shooting capacity and improve the overall performance of your concealed carry firearm. As with any firearm-related decision, careful consideration, research, and responsible testing are key to ensuring that your Glock 43 is optimized for both self-defense and recreational use.

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