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What Are the Different Types of Kundan Rings?

Kundan jewellery has captivated people for generations with its exquisite gold-plated craftsmanship and sparkling gemstones. This article will focus on Kundan rings, exploring what makes them special, different types and styles, how to select your ring, and more. Read on to learn about these iconic Indian jewellery pieces and their investment value.

What is Kundan? 

Kundan refers to highly refined 24K gold used to create a majestic metal backdrop in jewellery and precious stones to bring it to life. Artisans shape a delicate gold foil around gemstones with unique stone-setting technique passed down through generations. This contrasts with usual prong or bezel settings, allowing light to refract the gem’s brilliance. Here are some key facts about Kundan artistry:

Meaning: “Kundan” comes from Hindi meaning “highly refined gold.”

History & Significance: Originating during the royal Mughal era, Kundan technique symbolized nobility, passion and luxury in intricate gold and gems.

Production Process: Meticulous craftsmanship involving hand carving gold foil onto lacquer to contour gemstones before setting into jewellery.

Types of Kundan Rings

From traditional designs to contemporary custom styles, Kundan rings showcase diverse options for every preference. Popular categories include:

Traditional Kundan Rings

Classic Kundan rings feature lustrous gold and dazzling gems in timeless styles. Varieties include:

Solitaire – A single prominent gemstone like ruby, emerald or sapphire as the highlight.

Gemstone – Multiple colorful small gems surround a center stone for vibrant cluster.  

Cluster – Groupings of only gemstones create floral or geometric cluster.

Design Variations 

Kundan rings embrace other jewellery techniques for unique styling:

Meenakari – Vibrant enameling with intricate colored design.

Polki – Uncut diamonds lend raw, organic beauty.  

Jadau – Intricate hand carvings ornament the gold setting.

Unique Styles

Contemporary custom Kundan rings present one-of-a-kind personality:

Contemporary – Modern abstract shapes and asymmetric layouts. 

Themed – Custom symbols like hearts, flowers or initials.

Selecting Your Kundan Ring

Factors when investing in Kundan rings include:

Material: Gold purity levels, gems versus imitation stones. 

Size & Fit: Precision measurements, flexibility, comfort and style.

Occasion: Purchase timing, intended everyday use or events.

Budget: Values range widely depending on stone/metal quality and artisan skill level.   

Authenticity: Reputable retailer providing certification of materials.

Caring for your Kundan Ring 

To retain the special sparkling brilliance of a Kundan ring:

Safe Storage: Store pieces separately in soft cloth pouches to avoid scratches.   

Careful Cleaning: Use a gentle jewelry cleaning solution with soft brush avoiding harsh chemicals.

Professional Repairs: Seek an experienced jeweler for any damage repairs needed.

Why Purchase Kundan Jewellery

Here are top reasons this craft remains sought-after through changing times:

Heritage & Craftsmanship: Every piece embodies generations of jewellery mastery.  

Auspicious Symbol: Seen as luck-bringer for key life events like engagements/weddings.

Value Appreciation: Retains high worth and often gains monetary value over decades.  

Flexible Investment: Pieces easily passed down and reset into modern styles.


The next time you desire a special ring, consider Kundan’s legacy dazzling the hands of royalty through ages. Beyond beauty, lies deep meaning embodying human passion, celebration and prosperity wishes. Combine investment value and sheer elegance by selecting that perfect Kundan style speaking to you. Let Kundan rings shine light on each momentous occasion ahead.

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