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7 Common Interview Questions By Study Abroad Agency Kottayam

Getting a student visa is one of the most important keys to unlocking the door of overseas education. Students must prepare well for the visa interview to make sure they get the approval. They must connect with visa assistance agencies like the study abroad agency Kottayam to get help. Moreover, students should also know some important questions that they must prepare for the interview.

Know How to Answer Some Common Questions for Student Visa Interview

Practising the freqyently asked questions is the best way to prepare for the student visa interview. Let us see some frequently asked questions and their answers in a face to face interview. 

Which College Have You Selected in the Country and Why?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the interviewers. A student can answer this by saying, “ Respected Sir/Ma’am, I have selected XYZ College to pursue the course of ABC. One of the major reasons for me to choose this college is because of the quality of education they provide. I have been looking for such a college. Now that I have finally got admission here, I will make sure to get the best out of this opportunity.” Students can also contact directly with agents from study visa assistance Kottayam to know about similar questions and their answers.

Who is Taking the Financial Responsibility for Your Education? How?

The visa management would ask this question to confirm if the candidate is financially stable to study in the country. Students should answer this question in this way, My parents are funding for the financial requirements of my studies. They have been very supportive throughout my career. We have been saving money to manage the finances of education at this college for a long time. They have a stable income and enough savings to cover the budget set for my studies in this college. We have considered all the vital factors in managing the budget while studying abroad. I have also applied for various scholarship schemes. Moreover, I will try my best to work in a part-time job here and help my parents by providing financial support.”

Are You Planning To Stay In The Country After You Have Completed The Course?

This is another common question asked at the time of an interview with a student. Experts from the study abroad agency Kottayam suggest students should answer this question in a way that shows that they are willing to work in the country if they get the right opportunity. They can answer this by saying, “Right now, my priority is to finish my graduation from this college. After completing my course, I would like to seek opportunities for further development. If the opportunities I get in this country align with my career goals, I would stay here.”

Do You Have Any Plans to Work While Studying in the Country?

The interviewers are interested to know if the candidate is planning to work in the country while managing his studies. Students should be smart enough to let the interviewers know that they would like to work in part-time jobs. But, they should also convey that they would not let the work hamper their primary goal of studying. They can respond to this question like, “ Yes, I am willing to work along with my studies. I would like to explore the work culture of the country by working in part-time jobs. Although, I would make sure that the workload is manageable and I can manage time to study as well.”

Why Did You Choose Country 1 Instead of Country 2 for Studying Abroad?

When a student applies for a VISA, the management tests him to know the reason for choosing the country. A student has many options to select for higher education. So, he must answer this question in a way that states the importance of the college and country he has selected. Study abroad agency Kottayam suggest that it is vital to include these points in the reply. He can say, “ I had several options to select a college to pursue this course. But this particular college is the best for my needs. The faculty, facilities and reputation of the college are appreciatable. I would not have got such an opportunity in any other country.” 

Why Don’t You Choose a College to Study in Your Home Country?

This question tests the strength of the roots of a candidate in their home country. Students must be wise enough to answer this question in a way that does not degrade their home country. They must show that their country also provides a good scope for learning and development. But, they would like to explore the other parts of the world as well. 

So, the answer to this question would be, “ I have been studying in my country since childhood. I agree that my home country provides rich sources of education and learning. Although, I would like to explore the other parts of the world providing the best education to students. It will provide me with the exposure and scope of development that I would not be able to get there.”

What is Your Backup Plan in Case Your Visa is Not Approved By the Management?

The management asks this question to test the confidence of the candidate. When a student consults a study abroad agency Kottayam, they often suggest being confident while appearing for the visa interview. Therefore, students should make sure they sound confident while answering this question. They can answer this by saying, “ I am confident and optimistic about my visa approval. I have tried my best to make sure that I give my all to get to my dream college. However, if my visa is not approved by the management, I would look for some college in my home country. I will have to search for the best option to pursue my career goals from my home country.”

Words to Conclude

These are a few of the most asked questions in the student visa interview. They must go through these questions thoroughly. They can also seek help from agencies like study visa assistance Kottayam to get their visa approval. They can connect with them through platforms like It makes the process of getting visa approval easy and less stressful for them. Moreover, students should make sure that they practise to answer some other basic questions for the interview as well.

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