Why Do Student Laptops Need Long Battery Life and Portability?

Why Do Student Laptops Need Long Battery Life and Portability?

The right school tools and supplies are paramount for students (both young and college-goers). While notebooks and stationery supplies are integrals of traditional schooling, a laptop has become a necessity for students. You need to choose a device that delivers performance in terms of processing, with a keen focus on selecting the right features and specs. 

One crucial factor amongst all the others is good battery life and portability, which allow you to finish all your schoolwork effectively. A student laptop with good battery life offers portability and a wide range of benefits. In this article, we will discuss why study laptops need long batteries and portability.

Some Common Factors

  • Better Mobility: A student laptop with good battery life and portability enables students to study or work from anywhere, whether they are in class, the library, or anywhere outside the school campus. It means they can work even on the go and get their class assignments, irrespective of their geolocation.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With such features, students can endure long working hours without needing to charge their devices constantly or being connected to a power outlet. As a result, their productivity increases, enabling them to perform a larger amount of work in a shorter time.
  • Better Flexibility: Students can choose where and when they want to work. It means they get complete flexibility to plan their study schedules based on their situation and work at their own pace accordingly, which ensures better outcomes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Long battery life proves to be a cost-effective solution for students in the long run. That is so because they don’t need to constantly replace their laptop’s battery or carry heavy charging devices, which saves considerable money that would go into buying additional batteries.
  • Convenience: Portable devices are often compact and packed with impressive battery life, which makes these devices a lot more convenient for the student to use. They can easily be carried along wherever you go and complete their assignments without being bothered about the bulk, helping them manage their time more effectively.

Criteria for Selecting Battery Life for Student Laptops:

The selection criteria for battery life depends on your usage. For instance, gaming laptops are powerful, but with these laptops, you only get 3–4 hours of battery life off the charger. For laptops intended for home and schoolwork, you must wait at least 9 hours for your laptop battery to last.

If you are out in the market to shop for a student laptop, you must look for a model that offers both size and convenience, which you can judge by the screen size. A good starting point will be a 14-inch screen. If you want an even more compact device, 12-inch screen models are also available. Of course, large screens are the best option if you don’t travel a lot.

Some Good Portable Student Laptop Options with Large Battery Life:

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i 14: It’s a budget-friendly laptop with excellent performance and modern features. This 14″ device comes with everything you wish in a good student laptop: a full HD display, a full-speed keyboard, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, adequate RAM, eye care to filter out blue light, which reduces eye fatigue, plenty of posts, and a battery life of more than 7 hours.

ThinkPad E15 Gen 4: One of the most popular models in the student laptop segment. First, they are inexpensive, and second, they are a solid build with the best processing power. They weigh just about 1.70 kg and are lighter than other models featuring a 15″ screen. With this laptop, you have multiple physical ports, such as HDMI, USB Type A, audio, and Ethernet. These laptops come with a whopping battery life of 11+ hours. 

Think Book 15 Gen 4: It boasts a beautiful combination of sleekness and power, which makes it one of the most appealing laptop models. Weighing just about 1.70 kg, it features a stunning full HD IPS panel that prevents flickering and blue light emissions, enabling you to work all day without tiring your eyes. Also, it comes with an impressive battery life of 7 hours, enough to do most of the work without changing constantly.


When you plan to buy a student laptop, consider the mobility factor and how you can conveniently move it from place to place. Many students take their laptops to class and perhaps outside the school campus. It means the devices should be the right size and weight to carry around and manage the tasks. Small screens and compact laptops are great for young students. But even high school students and college students don’t need bulky devices that just don’t fit in their backpacks. However, battery life is something you should not compromise while looking for small laptops.

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