Which day of the week is the cheapest to book flights?

Finding inexpensive Qatar Airways UK is a skill. Due to demand and other variables airline costs change frequently making it difficult to receive an exact flight quote. Tickets change frequently so you’ll see different fares for the same journey on various days.

However experts recommend booking flights on certain days of the week for lower ticket prices. Here are the cheapest flight days of the week.

Mid week days:

Midweek flights are the cheapest. This is because business days have less flight demand than weekends. More flights mean lower ticket pricing.


Tuesday is when airlines change their ticket pricing for the week and offer deals and promotions based on market competitiveness. Many travellers favour Tuesday flights since they give good results.

Mid week travel often offer the best prices so you might get the cheapest fares.


Wednesday is another good day to purchase cheap flights. Wednesday has stronger prebooking interest after the airline raised its fare on Tuesday. However because airlines are still modifying their pricing to meet or compete with rivals that started sales on Tuesday prices don’t rise.

Qatar Umrah Flight Deals:

Qatar Airways Doha hub Hammad International Airport is ideal for Umrah flights. Qatar Airways flights are included in most UK and worldwide Umrah packages from London Birmingham Glasgow Edinburgh Manchester and other places. Qatar manage booking also offers the cheapest Umrah flights throughout off-peak and peak travel seasons.


Weekend flight bookings may not get you the greatest deals. Simply put weekend travel demand exceeds flight availability. This raises pricing. In rare situations Friday and Sunday flights may have last minute offers or lower costs. So watch these days too.

Friday and Sunday have typically been pricey days to buy flights although they can offer promotional rates. Thus it is best to examine the market and base your selection on facts and data.

Flexibility Matters:

Though certain days of the week offer the best air travel bargains travellers opt to book cheaper flights due to travel flexibility. If your travel dates and destinations are flexible you have more possibilities. Therefore saves much money. Being inflexible about trip dates and decisions simply raises your premium.

Utilize Fare Comparison Tools:

To facilitate decision making shortlist flights for your route by

  • Price.
  • Travel duration.
  • Route.
  • Type of ticket.
  • Airline.

You must use online fare comparison tools and websites. These services let you compare rates across numerous airlines and flights to find the most affordable options.

Consider off peak travel:

Finally travel off peak for inexpensive prices. In peak season you’ll always pay more for your flight regardless of the day.

Every region has different peak and off peak travel seasons. Research before buying.

These are some tips for selecting the cheapest days of the week to fly for your next trip.

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