When & Where to Apply Capsicum Plasters

Capsicum plasters provide targeted pain relief through gentle heat therapy. Understanding proper application, including timing and placement, ensures you maximize the benefits safely. 

When to Apply for Pain Relief

Apply capsicum plaster at the earliest signs of pain or muscle tightness. Recommended times include:

– At the onset of sudden muscle spasm or strain

– Before physical activity to keep muscles warm 

– After exercise when muscles feel overworked

– During periods of stiffness from inactivity

Avoid using with poor circulation or irritated skin. Discontinue use if skin becomes overly reddened or swollen.

Where to Place for Best Results

Proper placement is key for effective capsicum plaster relief. Position plasters:


– Over lower back tightness or spasms

– Along the spine to target sciatica 


– Along the upper trapezius and shoulders

– Over-strained sternocleidomastoid muscle


– Around knees, elbows, fingers for arthritis

– On shoulders, wrists, and ankles for strains

 Leg and Arm

– Along hamstrings, quadriceps, calves 

– Around biceps, triceps, forearms

Experiment with positioning to pinpoint your unique pain pattern. Target the plaster to the source for optimal relief.

With proper timing and placement, capsicum plasters deliver fast-acting, mess-free pain relief safely. Follow directions and experience the soothing benefits of targeted heat therapy.

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