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What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Washing Your Car?

Washing your car is important to maintain its appearance and functionality. Most car owners prioritize tasks like replacing worn-out tires or regular oil changes. You should be aware of the car washing service, but some people are not convinced to clean their car as it is expensive in terms of both money and time. There are some mistakes that you should avoid while washing your car. The following points will help you more to maintain the car:

  • Don’t Use Kitchen Soap or Home Based Detergent


This looks easy and harmless to use kitchen soap or detergent for washing cars. The important part of maintaining the car is to use the right cleaning supplies as they are created specially for that purpose. The Kitchen soap or other home-based detergents will eat away the paint and wax of the car if used repeatedly. Car Wash West Palm Beach provides the best car washing products to maintain the vehicle.

  • Never Wash Your Car Under Direct Sunlight


You seem right to wash your car under direct sunlight, but it isn’t. You may feel motivated to wash the car when the sun is at its brightest and hottest. It is advised to not do it because water evaporates quicker than you can wipe it away in the sun, creating watermarks on the body of your car.  The foam of the soap may also dry up before you have a chance to rinse it off, resulting in undesirable marks.


The solution to this issue is simple: clean your car during the cooler hours of the day. You should aim for sunrise or sunset, especially during the summer when the sun is at its hottest. You also want to keep your car as far away from direct sunshine as possible, if you can clean under covered cover, that’s where you want to be.

  • Use Only One Bucket to Wash and Rinse


This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning their cars.  It is advised to use one for soap and the other for water. This lets you often rinse your washcloth in clean water, avoiding the possibility of grit and particles damaging your paintwork.

  • Don’t Wash the Car in the Wrong Sequence 


The sequence you follow to clean the car matters the most. This is because The car’s tire is the dirtiest part, and washing it last allows sand and mud to slip into the freshly washed car paint. Instead of working against yourself, start by washing the tires. Then, rinse the vehicle with water to remove any dirt that has gotten on the paint so that you don’t leave scratches while washing the body.


When you’re finished washing and it’s time to wipe off your car, the reverse sequence comes first, though the explanation remains the same. Clean from top to bottom to prevent dirt from transferring from the tires and rims to the body.

  • Don’t Use Too Much of Wax


 It is a good idea to wax your car to add an extra layer of protection but only when it is done correctly. Many people feel right to use excessive quantities of car wax, but this is not important. It can be harmful to your paint in the long term.


A small coating of wax is enough to protect your vehicle. If you’re having difficulties finding the correct balance, the unlimited car wash west palm beach takes care of it for you. It has the proper balance of soap and wax for a scratch-free, high-shine finish.

  • Never Use the Old Towel or Shirt to Clean Your Car


You should avoid using an old towel or shirt to clean the car if you really care about your car. This is because the material is too harsh for your car, it exposes your paintwork to scratches and smears. Keep in mind that the cleaning materials you use can either help or damage your car. You should always pick a soft material that is highly absorbent.

  • Don’t Clean the Bird Poop Without Lubrication


bird poop is annoying, and it is obvious to wipe it off at first sight, but shouldn’t. This is because there is an appropriate method to remove it, and it needs lubrication. As bird waste is very acidic, it will eat away at the paint when it dries. Spray some lubricant or drench the washcloth in water and hold it over the poop stain for a few minutes until it dissolves.



It is important to maintain your car by preventing some steps while washing the car like not using kitchen soap or home-based detergent, avoiding washing your under direct sunlight, using only one bucket to wash and rinse, not washing your car in the wrong sequence, not using too much of wax, and not using the old towel or shirt. 

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