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What is the Best day of the week to fly to Aruba?

Aruba is heaven for all the beach lovers out there. And, every day, tons of tourists roam around different beaches, simply enjoying the food and their surroundings. Traveling to Aruba can be out of the pocket. But, if you plan it accordingly, everything will fall back into place. To start, you need to start finding cheap flights to Aruba and find alternatives to high-end hotels. There are many steps to book a cheap flight than meets the eye. This is where Spirit Airlines comes into play, and the airline provides low-fare flights during the off-season. During this time, you can book cheap Spirit flights to Aruba. Let’s get started on how to book cheap flights to Aruba. 

What is called the Hurricane Season in Aruba? 

The Hurricane season usually starts from early summer to fall. It is because the southern Caribbean is less likely to be affected by the Atlantic hurricanes. You can plan your travel during the fall season as you will find cheap flights to Aruba. 

Best Time to Visit For Budget Travelers

According to the online sources, Autumn is the cheapest time to visit Aruba. During this season, harsh sunlight makes you less likely to get affected. Instead, you can feel the breeze while sitting at a beach. And that’s not the only reason; you can find the best discounts on lodging during this season. However, September is considered the best month for travelers to visit Aruba, and they enjoy wandering around, trying different cuisines, and visiting different locations. The crowd is also less likely to be there, and you will find fewer queues outside your favorite locations. During this time, you can visit more locations you would have skipped due to overcrowding. 

However, if you like to meet new people around the world, you can visit Aruba from April to August. 

Find Your Crowd & Visit During Mid-Season

You can find your crowd during the late spring season if you are a social butterfly. You can find cheap Spirit flights to Aruba and other destinations such as Spirit Airlines flights to Colombia during this time too. Not only flights but many lodges offer 20-30% discount during the mid-season. This is the perfect time to visit all the beaches and clubs to meet new people and connect. 

What is considered to be the best time to visit Aruba? 

As we have explained the best time to visit Aruba through different slides, it is time to find the best time to visit Aruba without any issues. According to the latest sources, the best time to travel to Aruba is between April and August. 

It is because there are fewer chances for any storms during this season, and you can make the most of your trip during this season. The weather is most likely to stay pleasant in January and March, but this is the high season, so you are less likely to find cheap spirit flights to Aruba and hotels. The airline and hotels provide discounts during the off-season, which comes during early fall. Apart from this, the best day to travel to Aruba is usually between Monday to Thursday. So, make sure to book your flight between these days to get the best deal. Tuesday is considered to be the standard day where you can get your hands on the best flight deals.

Final Say

Are you planning on visiting Aruba? If yes, then make sure to find the best flights during off season. The off-season is considered to be in April and December. During this season you can get your hands on cheaper flight deals and 20-30% off on hotels & lodges. However, Spirit Airlines offers low-fare flights during mid & off season and this is the best season to book Spirit flights to Aruba and Spirit Airlines flights to Colombia. For more related queries, feel free to get in touch with us. 

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