What is Thai Airways’ upgrade policy?

The national carrier of Thailand, Thai Airways, is known for its world-class services and premium facilities on board. It also focuses on providing comfort mixed with luxury to the passengers flying with them. If you have a flight booked with them in economy class and want to upgrade Thai Airways seats to business and experience their services, read the following information to know all. 

Before proceeding to apply for an upgrade, read some important policies. 

  • Upgrade within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket to avoid paying upgrade fees. 
  • It is not possible to select a seat while purchasing an upgrade. 
  • Seat upgrades are subject to availability, and the airline does not allow for an upgrade before check-in, three hours before the flight’s departure, and after boarding. 
  • If the upgrade is requested at the last minute, you will be charged the higher or the same fare plus the fare difference, if applicable.

How do I Upgrade my seat on Thai Airways?

Upgrade seats online 

The procedure for upgrading seats online is straightforward and requires only a few minutes. 

  • Browse Thai Airways’ official website.  
  • Select the ‘Manage booking’ section on the home page. 
  • Enter the reservation number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Tap ‘Select seat’ on the screen and follow the instructions. 
  • Select a seat and pay for it online using your credit/debit card.

Upgrade seats over the phone 

Passengers can seek assistance from an agent to upgrade their seats by calling the customer support number at XYZ. Follow the steps given below. 

  • Please dial the correct above-mentioned number. 
  • Listen and follow the IVR commands and react accordingly. 
  • Please wait for your turn to speak with an agent. 
  • Once your phone is connected, seek assistance from them. 

How to get free upgrades on Thai Airways?

To get a free upgrade on Thai Airways, passengers can purchase an upgrade with a stand-by upgrade on the official website or with the help of coupons and vouchers. 

How do I upgrade from economy class to business class?

If you wish to upgrade your seat from economy to business class, passengers can purchase an upgrade online or by making a phone call. 

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