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What is a massage chair and how does it work?

A massage chair uses motors, rollers and a microprocessor to execute preprogrammed movements. A remote gives users control over the chair, allowing them to select massage techniques and other settings.

Some more complex chairs use mechanical arms that move not only vertically but laterally, and even in circles. These movements are recorded and stored by a microprocessor.

The frame

The frame is what gives a massage chair UAE its structural integrity. It also determines how well the chair is able to accommodate different body sizes and shapes. Some massage chairs use an automatic body scan to adjust the height and position of the rollers. This feature is especially useful for tall users, as it helps ensure that the rollers reach their full length without hitting any obstacles.

Some massage chairs also come with a music system that plays MP3 files during your session to create a soothing atmosphere. Other popular features include chromotherapy lights that cast hues around the room and negative ion generators that purify the air in the room.

Other models incorporate a hidden ottoman that folds in when not in use, making the chair look like an ordinary piece of living room furniture. It is a great feature for customers who value aesthetics and don’t want their massage chair to stick out like a sore thumb in their home décor.

The rollers

Underneath massage chairs’ sleek exteriors are complex systems of motors, gears and rollers hard at work. Depending on the chair, the mechanism can also include a variety of attachments that can perform different functions.

Almost all massage chairs have a roller system that goes up and down the spine. This is what allows the chair to perform techniques like kneading and shiatsu, by manipulating muscle tissues.

Rollers can be found in the backrest of most massage chairs, as well as in the footrest of some models. The latter are used for programs that involve reflexology, which focuses on pressure points in the feet and the hands.

Air massage is another feature that you’ll find in some massage chairs. These are essentially bags that inflate and deflate to squeeze muscles and provide instant relief. Some massage chairs have a number of these pouches along the arm and leg rests, while others incorporate them in a hidden ottoman that doesn’t stand out as much in the room. This way, when you’re not using the massage ottoman, the chair looks more like a regular piece of living room furniture.

The microprocessor

Like a computer, the microprocessor of a massage chair stores all instructions that are programmed in the system. This means that the chair knows exactly what to do when it receives a command from the remote control. This can be a panel of buttons on the armrest, a handheld remote or even a full-sized tablet.

The microprocessor is also used to create the vibrating mechanisms in a massage chair dubai. These are small devices that contain weighted wheels or gears and when they rotate, they generate vibrations on surfaces. This is what gives the chairs their characteristic feel.

Some complex massage chairs have lots of rollers situated on mechanical arms that move not just vertically but laterally as well, and some can even move in circles. These kinds of chairs are often reserved for the upper tier of the market. They offer a wide range of massage techniques including kneading, tapping, rolling and deep tissue, air compression, shiatsu and reflexology. They can be customised by adjusting the intensity of the movements and speed of the rollers, gears and motors.

The airbags

As the name suggests, airbags in massage chairs compress different parts of your body. They are used in conjunction with the mechanical massage performed by the massaging arms. They inflate and deflate in a sequence that affects each part of the chair’s coverage, contracting and relaxing muscles and stimulating blood circulation.

They are located in areas that the rollers cannot easily reach, such as the shoulders, hands, waist and calves. They are also positioned to induce rotation of the lower back. They can be set to operate in combination with a vibration massage, although they are not meant to replace it.

In addition to the traditional airbags, some models include a second generation of the technology called “second-generation air massage.” This uses 30 airbags that are placed around your legs. This type of massage has several health benefits, including promoting blood flow, which is important for preventing cellulite, improving sleep quality and reducing swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs. However, it is recommended to check with your doctor before using these chairs.

The water jets

A massage chair with a water system is more complex than those that simply recline. These chairs typically have a system of nozzles that shoot pressurized water against the front wall of the chair cushion. This creates a stream of jets that massage the back. Some massage chairs even have a degree of movement along the x, y, and z axes to provide advanced techniques like Shiatsu.

The water jets are controlled by a microprocessor that records different massage patterns. Once a user selects a massage technique, the microprocessor relays that information to the various massage apparatuses within the chair.

While a massage chair can offer many benefits, it is important to use caution when using it. It is best to begin with a short session and gradually increase the intensity and length of the sessions as your body gets used to the new stimulus. It is also important to take breaks between sessions and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. It is also recommended to check with your doctor before using a massage chair if you have any health problems or concerns.

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