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What is a good price per week for student accommodation?

The cost of living is far higher than tuition, thus the cost of student housing burns a hole in your wallet. It is crucial to understand the average cost of student accommodation in Luton, UK because some of the most prestigious colleges and institutions are located here. Students from all over the world attend these universities to continue their higher education. 

They reside in student housing Luton or accommodations during this time, which can be either private or public and provide basic and supplementary living amenities. All students who intend to study abroad must be aware of the typical costs associated with living in these nations as well as the entry fees they have to pay.

The English town of Luton, which is part of Bedfordshire county, has made a name for itself as a centre for education. Thanks to the numerous colleges, universities, and other establishments that surround it. The University of Bedfordshire, which has two campuses in Luton and Bedford and offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in numerous subject areas, is based in the town.

There are several of alternatives for student rooms Luton, including both privately owned homes and different resident halls. Several lodging alternatives in the city include privately rented off-campus housing. The town is home to a number of private lodging establishments that offer a variety of choices to accommodate a range of spending limits and tastes.

All things considered, Luton provides a dynamic and varied experience for students, with a robust extracurricular and social scene. A variety of housing choices, and great educational prospects.

Living as a Student in Luton

Nestled in Bedfordshire, the most populated town is a borough called Luton. Due to the large influx of students, Luton offers a comfortable selection of possibilities for student housing, with a cost of living as low as £121. Located in Luton homes, high-quality student housing is ideally situated near two of the most well-known and respected universities: Barnfield College and Bedfordshire University. These amenities offer a wide array of options for students to enjoy and prioritise maximum comfort. Laundries, on-site maintenance, bike storage, and fantastic common areas, among many other things, are some of the amenities.

Living Expenses in Luton

Without tuition, the cost of living for students in Luton is between £900 and £1,200 per month. Students should budget between £350 and £360 a month for eating expenses, and between £55 and £65 for transport each month.

Despite having several active universities and being a relatively populated town, Luton is extremely affordable. 

Luton Student Housing

Luton’s student housing aims to provide the best possible accommodations at competitive prices. To gain a better understanding of the cost of living in Luton, Let’s look at the many types of living spaces that are available, with weekly rentals ranging from £121 to £194.

Shared rooms

Student apartments Luton provide a common area for the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Private Rooms

Students who prefer a little more seclusion can choose private student accommodation Luton, which includes a communal kitchen etc.


Would you prefer total privacy over shared areas? Students who want a private toilet, bedroom, kitchen, study area and storage space can choose studio apartments.


Complete comfort in a completely equipped space with a study area, living room, kitchen, bathroom and closet.

Off-Campus Living in the UK 

More international students reside in the UK than any other nation in the world. On the other hand, although this is a great chance for you to establish international networks, there are certain disadvantages. The search for the ideal student apartments Luton close to a university is a significant contributing factor. The rent for an off-campus residence. In Luton, student housing will cost a minimum of £1,023 a month, or up to £9207 for nine months, per UK Visa and Immigration requests. Weekly rental prices for accommodations average £150. In addition to your rent, the estimated weekly living expenses will come to about £ 104. Nearly every off-campus living facility in the UK is available; the quantity you choose will depend on your social life and lifestyle. 

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