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What is a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

Before starting your process to draft the trademark application, certain crucial steps are compulsory to take into consideration before anything. Trademark search is important to consider before drafting your trademark registration application. Most of the time it was seen that many applicants think that their path to the trademark registration along with the application is very simple and clear due to a quick search of the database.  If you want to fully capture the required information and the variables that may bar your trademark from the registration process, a Comprehensive Trademark Search needs to be done for an effective and convenient process. 

If we talk about the Comprehensive Trademark Search then it refers to the action which is taken to determine whether the trademark is used in commerce and evaluate the likelihood of the proposed trademark from obtaining the registration by the examination marks which are already in use in the marketplace. It is crucial to perform these searches with the help of legal assistance to avoid any problems related to that as they hold access to the most powerful search engine and are capable of searching for the trademark with the appearance, phonetic similarities, and many more. 

A comprehensive trademark search mainly includes an depth search of the trademark across the United States and is used to determine the brand name that has already been used or filed for trademark registration. This comprehensive trademark search is essential to figure out if the trademark is filed or not to avoid any kinds of legal problems. It is essential for all sizes of businesses. For the selection of an appropriate brand name, it is important to go through a comprehensive trademark search to make all the difference in the outcome of the company’s success. 

How to Register a Trademark? 

However, most people find the online registration process complicated. It includes several steps and follow-up of the government rules. You need to register and give all the required information. 

Here are the steps that are crucial to follow to Apply for Trademark Filing Services USA Online:

  • First, you need to visit the official Website. Before that, gain all essential knowledge rated to this field. Your knowledge will help you to do better with the further steps. After that, perform a trademark search across the trademark database, and you will get to know if you want to register or not. 
  • Now make sure to select the collection of documents. You need to fulfill all the documentary requirements. You can start uploading your required documents for the registration. 
  • Now make sure to fill out all the application forms. The application form will be filled out on your behalf
  • Make sure to check all the information you give is accurate. 
  • Sometimes you may find trademark objections. This objection is sent, and you will have to respond to it within 30 days. 
  • In some cases, trademark opposition may come when you have to submit a counter-statement within two months. 

The Final Talk

There is no hidden word that a trademark that is officially and legally registered ensures the right to sue against those who try to copy your brand and strive to prevent others from using your brand for their purpose. Your trademark will be yours forever.

No one can even dare to copy the same trademark as yours for their benefit. According to the new Company Act 2013, the Company is not allowed to have a similar name to the registered trademark.

The process of trademark registration is available online and offline. It depends on what you prefer. However, several websites provide trademark registration services. However, it is highly recommended to use the official Website to apply online. People widely prefer online Trademark Filing Services USA as it is the most convenient way to avail of the benefits of trademark registration.

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