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What Are The Reasons For Late Term Abortion?


Late-term abortions, typically performed after the 24th week of pregnancy, are relatively rare and are usually carried out for compelling medical and health reasons. Common reasons for late-term abortion include:

  1. Fetal Abnormalities: Some severe fetal anomalies can only be detected in the later stages of pregnancy, and parents may choose abortion to spare the child from a life of suffering.
  2. Maternal Health Risks: In cases where a pregnancy poses significant risks to the mother’s health or life, a late-term abortion may be considered to protect her well-being.
  3. Legal Restrictions: Legal barriers, lack of access to abortion services, or late pregnancy detection can cause delays in seeking abortion, leading to late-term procedures.

The Orlando Women’s Center is a reputable healthcare center that provides safe and secure late-term abortion services. Known as a trusted late-term abortion clinic, they prioritize the well-being and autonomy of individuals facing complex and difficult circumstances, ensuring that they receive compassionate and professional care during this challenging time. Orlando Women’s Center offers support and medical expertise to those in need of late-term abortion services.

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