Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

Your wedding reception ceremony is a celebration where you can invite your friends and family to celebrate. Undoubtedly, it is a festive moment where you can apply different wedding decoration ideas. From dramatic lighting, elegant tabletop decorations, and statement centerpieces to unique floral arrangements, you can assuredly find surefire ways to wow your guests with such amazing decor.

Read the blog, and you can have an idea of 12 favorite ideas to decorate your wedding reception to make it as memorable as possible. 

1.   Floral Installation in a Unique Way

Uniquely, doing floral installations can change the whole look. For example – placing a vintage car, boat, or pedal pub where you can use faux flowers to enhance the beauty. What about putting flowers on your welcome display or the welcome wedding sign? All this could make a difference when you use some amazing flowers! 

2.   Run Foliage Down Your Tables

You can consider running foliage down the center of your reception tables by skipping the older and traditional wedding centerpieces. If you have a tight budget, you can stick to varieties of beautiful ferns and ivy rather than ruscus and eucalyptus. 

3.   Create Floating Decor

If you want unique wedding decorations, check out the floating decor that makes them look more expensive and posh. You can even add floating candles and flowers for beautiful arrangements. Rest assured; it will surely make your guests wow. 

4.   Dress Up the Seats

Chair Back decor is something that you should not miss to add a dash of personalization to the tablescape. Couples often add flowers, monogrammed blankets, or even labeled cushion covers to create an elegant look. 

5.   Decorate the Venue with Disco Balls

Disco balls are fun; they are cool. These balls are fascinating and create a perfect look in your wedding venue. Like a chandelier, hang the disco balls because they look extremely tempting and eye-catching. It will be better if you add multiple mirrored globes in a group. 

6.   Use Succulents in Your Centerpieces

Use succulents in your centerpieces. Place them in pots, and these arrangements can create a stunning display and bring life to the tablescape. Unlike traditional floral arrangements, these centerpieces look more beautiful and add charm to your wedding reception decor. 

7.   Place Black Taper Candles In Long Reception Tables

Rather than using simple table runners paired with some centerpieces, you can create a twist here. Applying sleek and elegant black taper candles according to the length of the reception table. 

8.   Hang a Chandelier

Would you like to add a hint of extravagance and luxury to your wedding reception venue? Then, at that point, remember to embellish your place with exclusive crystal chandeliers. If you don’t have the option to hang them from the roof, be imaginative and drape them in tree branches or arches to make an elegant look. 

9.   Embroider Monogrammed Napkins

Probably these embroidered napkins will not come to mind, but embroidering your initial letters on the napkins and placing them on each table where guests will sit will surely create a sophisticated look. You can take the whole decor to the next level when you take a step further and embroider each guest’s initials on their napkin to offer bottled water with wedding water bottle labels mentioning initials on it. But yes, this will ideally work when our wedding reception is extremely intimate. 

10. Hang Biodegradable Paper Lanterns

Decoration matters both indoors and outdoors! If you want to decorate your wedding reception venue to convey the message of reducing your carbon footprint, hanging Biodegradable Paper Lanterns throughout the space will be a great idea. They will spread a beautiful message and convey a warm and welcoming glow.

11.Props for Photographs

Add special props like cycles or rickshaws, or autos decorated with flowers. You can even add umbrellas or different cool props related to the wedding reception that will surely attract all your guests. You will see guests giving lines to click pictures with these props. These make the whole decor unique and elevate your guests’ experience.

12. Backdrop

Though people often forget about backdrops, these are one of the most beautiful yet fascinating things where you will sit. To decorate that place, use dried flowers, fairy lights, drapes, etc. However, you can even add your photographs on the backdrops of your families or you two which looks extremely touchy and sweet to represent your bond in front of the guests. 


As it is your wedding reception, creating fancy and extravagant decor is okay to plan. From simple yet elegant to vibrant and bold, you can get limitless choices in wedding reception decor. No doubt, it requires lots of planning to make the arrangements accurately for your big day. Hopefully, this blog has helped you a lot by offering tips on wedding reception decoration. So, arrange those and wow your guests for sure.


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