Wall Display Cigar Showcase Virginia

Why a humidor cigar showcase is right for your business?

The popularity of cigar smoking has been rising among individuals amid the pandemic due to staying at home and doing nothing. During the lockdown period, many have developed new hobbies and cigar smoking was one of them. Folks who have continued with their new hobby of smoking have aggravated this business to a significant extent. It is anticipated to raise more in the forthcoming years. So, if you have a business plan to yield higher revenue by selling cigars, you should invest in a humidor cigar showcase Virginia. This could be the perfect investment for your brick-and-mortar store offered by Media Store Display.

Why cigar showcases are popular?

It is undoubtedly true that the popularity of handmade cigars is on the rise. But they come with the drawback of limited shelf life. Thus, it has made it necessary for businesses to keep them under proper conditions to retain their humidity. Thus, making them usable for cigar aficionados and providing them with the taste and aroma they want. You can showcase a varied range of cigars by keeping them inside the wooden showcase fitted with tempered glass. The humidor glass showcase will maintain the required humidity levels to keep the cigars in smoking condition. You can place the showcase with a wall display Virginia to indicate to your customers about the cigars to be purchased.

Extend their lives while keeping them safe

Our cigar showcase in Virginia is designed to keep the moisture retention of cigars ranging from 62 to 75 percent. This would certainly keep them fresh and will preserve their flavor and taste to deliver a great smoking experience to your customers. The showcase is designed with tempered glasses that can be locked with keys to keep the cigars in locked condition. Hence, you can keep them safe while maintaining their freshness and quality.

Add aesthetic appeal to the cigar business

Preserving the freshness and life of cigars is a crucial factor to deliver your customers the best products. But your business is also required aesthetic appeal to fetch the attention of customers towards your stuff. Therefore, when you invest in the Virginia cigar showcase it will definitely make your business valuable. Media Store Display is providing this cigar storage system made with high-quality material. You can make a choice among red and black colored showcases and can find veneer wood inside. Also, the case is laced with LED lighting to highlight the cigars during dark as well.

Get more storage for cigars

If you have an ample variety of cigars but have limited storage space, you can consider our glass wall display in Virginia. It can be placed aside on the wall of your store and can be used to store ample amounts of cigars. The glass of the display will clearly promote your stuff and you will get 5 glass shelves with brackets to store the cigars. This is a product that comes with ultra-durability and a melamine finish to make the cigar exhibition really appealing to the eyes. 

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