Vertex Global: The Best School in Gorakhpur, UP

Vertex Global School is an educational institute which a pioneer in quality education. We have an in-house Research and Development division tuned into the newest technologies. Along with them, we also boast of the best team of academicians. Vertex Global School works by constantly upgrading its unique & futuristic VEP system of education. It is one of a kind school fraternity, where a dynamic educational community is created by facilitating interactions between committed faculty and enthusiastic parents.

Aim of Vertex Global School

The Vertex Global School a best school in Gorakhpur UP is aimed at providing learners with roots that are firmly set in the tradition, culture & philosophy of our great nation and wings to help them fly creatively in a world that is characterized by rapid technological advancements. We educate today’s children to make them the Leaders of Tomorrow.

What does Vertex Global School do?

Vertex Global School makes a series of synchronized efforts to prepare students for the following:

  • Regular Schools
  • Admission into IITs
  • Top Medical Colleges of India
  • Top Design Institutions of India

Our Founder

Vertex Gorakhpur came into its inception with the efforts of Mr. Arvind Tripathi. He is the Director of Momentum, a well-known coaching institute in Gorakhpur. He is famed to give thousands cross cross-results in competitive exams. He made the Vertex Global School in a complete school. He has prepared students for school examinations as well as for the relevant engineering, medical, and Olympiad examinations, all held during school hours.

Choices that you won’t have to make at Vertex Global School

At Vertex Global, you won’t have to make the following choices, as a Complete School Education system. The parents or the students will be provided with all the requisite services, and they do not have to make any of the following choices to get a competent and relevant course:

  • Boards or Competitive Exams
  • Academics or Sports Activities
  • Learning or Remembering
  • Enjoying Education or Being Stressed by Education

Campus Facilities at Vertex Global School

Vertex Global School in Gorakhpur is a complete eco-system in itself. Most people mistake it for an aided institute for co-curricular, but such is not the case. Vertex Global is a large complex with well-supplied unit systems. At Vertex Global, you will find the following facilities:

  • An Administrative Block
  • An Academic Block
  • A Recreational Room
  • An Auditorium Block
  • An Indoor Sports and Activities Block
  • An Outdoor Sports Playing fields

Academic Block at the Vertex Global School, Gorakhpur

With such a complex arrangement of divisions, departments, and subtleties, Vertex Global has also built a well-defined academic section for students. Our academic facilities include the following amenities:

  • A well-stocked Library
  • Large Cathedral of Books & reference material
  • Activities & Audio -Visual Room
  • Art and Design Room, for creative purposes
  • An equipped Music and Dance Room
  • Examination & Medical Checkup Room
  • High-speed Internet Access Networked Computer Labs with Wi-Fi
  • World-class Science Laboratories and Concept Center

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