Bus Stop Advertising Screen

Use of the Bus Stop Advertising Screen

Bus Stop Advertising Screen is a perfect medium to display the information or advertise at the bus stop. The screen can easily be installed in urban rail and bus transits to play the particular information to make aware of familiar people. The screen is also used to display the commercial advertisement of a particular product or brand.

Major features of the bus stop advertising screen: 

  • The screen is designed to be used with different Android operating systems.
  • It has a high-definition display to show the information with high-quality graphics.
  • The screen also passes the shockproof test and is easily used in different weather conditions.
  • The Bus Stop Advertising Screen is also compatible with lighting conditions and provides high-quality information.
  • The screen delivers high-quality images with transparent pixels so that people can easily see the screen and consume the information.
  • The screen supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G as well.
  • It is also compatible with the different temperature of the environment and work well in every weather condition.
  • The screen has one master display and two slaves displays as well.
  • The screen is made from high-quality base products.
  • The screen also has 700cd/m2 brightness and 80,000 hours of life.


Why do we need to use a bus stop advertising screen to display the information? 

Bus Stop Advertising Screen is used for outdoor purposes and has quality display delivery to make advertisement impactful.

Is the Bus Stop Advertising Screen Perfect for outdoor Advertising? 

Yes, the Bus Stop Advertising Screens are designed for the outdoor public area for effective advertisements.

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