Lens Replacement Service

Uncompromised Vision with Lens Replacement Service

In a world where science, technology, and AI have taken over the dominant fields, the healthcare department is thriving with the introduction of the latest non-surgical and painless procedures; the early diagnosis with the latest technology and the availability of consulting specialists online has made quite a difference in the busy lives of people. The online availability of health services and products has left a significant impact on the masses and has turned out to be one of the best things that have ever happened to humankind.

Struggling with Vision Clarity?

While struggling with clarity of perspective may be a common issue, one shouldn’t have to struggle with clarity of vision and sight! The latest study shows that with the increased screen time and dependency on technology, sight issues have increased manifolds for every age group, be it toddlers, adults, or senior citizens.

In this fast-paced world where time is money, one can’t always find the time to visit an optometrist. Although regular health checkups and self-care should be a priority, we now have come to terms with the fact that it isn’t absolutely necessary to visit one to update your vision, glasses, and lens requirements!

My Rx Lenses the best spot for Lens Replacement:

Your eyewear becomes a signature style statement and a part of your personality! While we all love trying and experimenting with new frames, styles, and colors, we often end up going back to that one style repeatedly. That comfort and convenience of one particular frame is what you enjoy and get used to! If you have the nightmare of damaging your lens or require an upgrade after the new prescription, My RX Lenses has made the lens replacement process highly convenient for you with your current favorite frame!

How Does Lens Replacement Work?

Lens replacement is the simple process of upgrading your lens with that of your new prescription without changing your frame! My RX Lenses understands the busy schedules and how lens replacement isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You want to protect your structure, so follow a simple procedure and get your lens replacement done from the comfort of your home with the best quality lenses available!

Upgrade your Glasses with My RX Lenses Lens Replacement:

With your updated prescription, My RX Lenses are ready to improve your vision. Even though replacing a lens can seem daunting, My RX Lenses has made the process incredibly easy and convenient! You can upgrade to high-quality lenses manufactured to fit any branded frame for your style statement after you receive your new prescription, saving you the trouble of changing your present frames!

Step-by-Step Lens Replacement Process

Prescription type:

To begin your lens replacement procedure after getting the prescription, first, you must select the kind of prescription or non-prescription glasses you need! Starting at the most optimum rate of 59$, you can select from various options available. You can choose the basic single-vision, progressive, bifocal, or trifocal readers or the non-prescription glasses used only for fashion.

Lens Material Guide:

The Lenses are available in two different kinds of material, and you can select the one that best suits your requirements. You can opt for the primary and affordable CR-39 Plastic lenses during the lens replacement process. These lenses are lightweight and provide optimum clarity of vision; however, they aren’t as resistant as their alternatives. If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting option, you can opt for the Polycarbonate lenses. For your active lifestyle, polycarbonate lenses provide greater resistance to any impact and protect your precious eyes! The CR-39 Plastic Lenses are offered free of cost during lens replacement by My RX Lenses!

Uncompromised Vision with Lens Replacement Service

Protective Coatings and Light Sensitivity:

For the increased protection and acuity of vision, different tints and protective coatings are used on lenses to elevate and enhance your experience. Visit MY RX LENSES to explore the world of luxury eyewear, where innovation and vision collide. Starting with the fundamental Premium AR coating, which minimizes eye strain, reduces glare, and improves visual acuity at no additional expense, our lenses redefine clarity and comfort. Go one step further for $99.00 and get the Premium AR with Blue Light Protection (Anti-Fatigue) for your increased screen time. This sophisticated coating helps you sleep better by reducing reflections and blocking out dangerous blue light, which relieves eye strain. Polish and roll Edges offer the utmost refinement, ensuring comfort and frame durability. Polish Edges improve everyday comfort for a smoother fit. Choose Photochromic Lenses (Light Sensitive) for $80.00 for versatility; they adapt to light levels to provide the best visibility both inside and outside.

Frame Information:

Upload a picture of your favorite frame from any brand or shape, and that will help us speed up the process and get back to you quickly with your requirements.

Send Frames for Revamp and Upgrade:

Once you’ve submitted all details for the lens replacement process, My RX Lenses Team will send you a pre-paid shipping labeled box to send the frame for lens replacement.

After inspection of your prescription and your wish list for the lens replacement, our experts work to create perfect lenses for your frame that give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Exchange Policy:

If you are not satisfied with the vision clarity, within 30 days, if the replaced lenses don’t fit your prescription provided, you can send back the frame for the correction, as your satisfaction is all that matters!My RX Lenses have made the lens replacement process feel like a breeze with the most convenient and synchronized procedure online!

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