Premier Landscape Horticulture Services

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Premier Landscape Horticulture Services

Welcome to Clay Fields Hort, your trusted partner for all your landscape horticulture needs. As a premier landscaping horticulture firm, we provide end-to-end solutions for your garden maintenance and rejuvenation. Our skilled team of professionals takes pride in delivering comprehensive services, including lawn mowing, pruning, mulching, hedging, and plant selection. Our expertise also extends to garden irrigation installation and repair, soil and plant advice, shrub moving, and sourcing and planting. Whether you want edible fruit trees or a perfectly manicured lawn, we have got you covered. Contact us today for beautiful and thriving gardens all year round. Trust Clay Fields Hort to transform your vision into reality.

Get Your Lawn in Shape: Weed Removal and Professional Mowing Services

Looking for a complete solution to achieve a lush green lawn? Clay Fields Hort is your one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs. Say goodbye to unwanted weeds and hello to a beautiful lawn with our expert weed removal service. We use selective spraying techniques or hand removal to ensure your lawn is weed-free. Our lawn mowing services leave your edges neat and tidy, and our powerful yet quiet high-torque mower will get the job done quickly and quietly. Worried about clippings impairing your lawn’s appearance? Don’t be! We catch and remove them efficiently. At Clay Fields Hort, we’re committed to providing a professional and sustainable service that exceeds your expectations. Call us today for affordable and efficient weed removal services.

Revive Your Garden with Expert Rejuvenating Services in Melbourne

Looking for a reliable company to rejuvenate your overgrown and uninspiring garden? Clay Fields Hort, your go-to expert for garden rejuvenating services in Melbourne, has got you covered! With our broad knowledge and years of experience in this area, we specialise in replacing unsuitable plants with compatible native and exotic plants that are ecologically suitable for your garden’s soil. Our quality stock from wholesale suppliers ensures your garden’s beauty and longevity. We also offer trimming, mulching, rock installations, improving your soil, sorting out plant infestation, and irrigation fixing and installation. With our expertise, we can transform your garden into a picturesque haven. Trust us to assist you, contact Clay Fields Hort now!

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