Topic- Matchmaking Kundli: Aligning Stars for Marital Harmony

Matchmaking Kundli: Of all aspects of life, what do we value most? Relation ships. They are perhaps the most critical aspects of life. One relationship of great importance and comes under scrutiny in our society is that of a married couple. In Indian society, marriage has great social significance. It is a lifelong commitment and has traditionally been organized for centuries, mostly by family elders or parents who consider compatibility a key factor between a potential couple.

Marriage is the most celebrated social event with religious, traditional and cultural emphasis that sanctifies the union of two individuals.

Tradition of Matchmaking Kundli

The first step in a traditional or arranged marriage is horoscope matching, also called Kundli Matching or Kundli online. Kundali compatibility is the most important factor for marriage which matches the kundli (horoscopes) of the future bride and groom. Kundali Matching helps to estimate whether a couple complements each other well in many aspects necessary for a good and lasting marriage.

Matchmaking Kundli is an ancient tradition for determining the compatibility levels in the horoscopes of a potential couple for marriage. The level of compatibility is a decisive factor that will show whether the marriage will be happy and harmonious. Based on this assumption, families decide to proceed with marriage arrangements to officially become a potential couple, husband and wife.

Factors of Kundli Matching

Dasama (ten) Porutham or Thirumana (marriage) Porutham is an important part of the traditional Indian marriage process. Dasama Porutham is designed by ancient Indian sages to match the horoscopes of a potential couple to verify the level of compatibility and flexibility between them. These ten factors have since been seen as a yardstick for measuring a couple’s compatibility in Kundali Matching. Poruthams are primarily evaluated based on the comparison of the Nakshatras (birth stars) of the boy and the girl.

Porutham (compatibility factor) for Matchmaking by Kundali

Each of the Poruthams has a unique meaning and is essential for checking the compatibility levels in a potential couple’s horoscopes. The top ten factors for Kundali Matching are:

  • Dina Porutham or Nakshatra Porutham (corresponding birth stars).
  • Rasi Porutham (indicates good connection and family growth).
  • Gana(m) Porutham (indicates concordance of temperament).
  • Yoni Porutham (indicates sexual compatibility).
  • Rajju Porutham (indicates partner’s longevity).
  • Rasi Athipathi Porutham (indicates the ratio of friendliness between the house lords of the 2 zodiacs).
  • Mahendra Porutham (indicates longevity, wealth, and progeny).
  • Stree Dheerkha Porutham (indicates wife’s well-being, wealth, and prosperity).
  • Vasiya Porutham (indicates mutual attraction).
  • Nadi Porutham (indicates the health and well-being of the couple).

Among all these Poruthams, Rajju Porutham is considered the most important in Kundali Matching, followed by Mahendra and Dina(m).

What the Poruthams Suggest

A glance at each of the ten Poruthams will tell us what they indicate.

  • Dina/ Nakshatra Porutham – This is the first porutham that is checked in Kundali Matching and includes the matching of the birth stars of the potential couple. It indicates longevity, general well-being and prosperity of the couple. It ensures a married life free from poverty and ill health.
  • Rasi Porutham – indicates whether their Rasi (zodiac signs) are in sync with each other, which means that the union can result in a happy and long-lasting marriage. It checks the level of compatibility between the horoscopes of a potential couple. This match indicates good camaraderie and unity that leads to family expansion.
  • Gana Porutham – indicates affinity in temperament between spouses. It confirms the level of mental and spiritual compatibility. There are three types of Gana(m).

Deva – good-natured, loving and soft.

Manushya – a mixture of good and bad qualities (anger).

Rakshasa – Rude, aggressive and unpleasant.

Yoni Porutham

It is about sexual compatibility between a couple. This Porutham is consider a vital factor in Kundali Matching. The marriage alliance will not be consider if it does not match.

Rajju Porutham

It has great importance in Kundali Matching and is also the most sensitive. It considers the longevity of the spouse, which will decide the length of married life and marital happiness. For a compatible match, the birth stars (Janma Nakshatras) of the boy and the girl whose Kundalis are being compare should not belong to the same Raju.

Rasi Athipathi

It indicates the level of compatibility based on the amiability quotient between the house lords of the zodiac signs of the couple. A good Porutham means a happy, long-lasting and prosperous marriage.

Mahendra Porutham

Indicates chances of longevity, wealth and progeny in marriage. In Kundali Matching, this Porutham is based on the couple’s birth stars and is an important indicator of the level of compatibility. It shows whether a man can protect and take care of his wife and children. Kundali Matching is say to be good if Mahendra Porutham is there.

Dheerkha Porutham

It Shows whether the girl has a prosperous life after marriage. A strong Stree Dheerkha Porutham indicates that the couple will be bless with wealth and prosperity. The couple will have a long and happy married life.

Vaisya Porutham

It indicates the level of mutual attraction, love, affection, respect and cooperation between the couple. It denotes love and intimacy between a married couple.

Nadi Porutham

This is an important compatibility in Kundali Matching. This indicates the health and well-being of the couple.

Why should you match your Kundli Online?

The decision to marry someone cannot be made in a few meetings. For a relationship to be successful, you need to understand your partner well and spend time getting to know him better. However, you will not always have enough time for this, or it is sometimes difficult to analyze a person in several months. Horoscope matching and horoscope compatibility will help you here. A detailed Kundali reading for marriage will help you understand these traits and see how well the couple’s nature, interests and temperaments match.

Kundli Match Making compatibility is also important because individuals may hide or even lie about their personalities, interests or weaknesses. Kundalis or birth charts do not. It is possible for an individual’s personality or interests to change over time for better or for worse. Kundalis can help predict these changes and their impact on the relationship between the couple should they get married.

The marriage horoscope matching process broadly considers these factors – Guna milan, Navamsa Charts, Yoga and Dosha of individuals. Online Kundli matching by name and date of birth is based on Ashtakoot or Dashakoot method. Out of these, the Ashtakoot method is commonly use for online horoscope matching. The Gunas or 8 different aspects are use in the pairing of Patrick with the future bride and groom. Points are assign to each aspect based on compatibility within it. The sum of all the points gives you a compatibility score between partners. The influence of stars and planets on married life is also explore.


The process of matchmaking (Kundli Matchmaking for marriage) is an ancient Vedic astrological practice, passed down from generation to generation. While marriage is based on love and harmony, Kundali Matching gives it that divine touch of confirmation of compatibility that ensures marriage for life.

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