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Top Criteria to Select the Best Mobile App Development Company in India

You have a great app idea for your offline business. You are better aware of what it takes to start the development process and are ready to spend on the best mobile app development company in India

Everything looks easy until this point. So, what could go wrong? The problem starts with your willingness to hire the best is not correlated to your budget, although that is a critical factor in hiring at the later stage. You may fall victim to the sales team’s eloquence, flashy websites, or beautifully written proposal. 

It is easier to get overwhelmed by available options, especially in a tech-induced country like India. Most times, businesses often face questions like – What to look for in the best mobile app development company in India? How to hire the best mobile app development company for your project? 

There are many answers to these serious concerns. With good planning and establishing a few selection criteria, you can make the whole hiring process seamless and practical. Following is a list of a few requirements that will assist you in hiring the best mobile app development company in India. 

Checklist to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company in India

Consider the User Experience on Company’s Website

First off, start by creating a list of the leading mobile app dev companies in India that are capable of handling your project. Now assess the user experience on their own website, as it will help you get a proper idea of how efficient they are with their design principles. 

Below is a detailed step-by-step process to assess the company’s user experience: 

Step 1: Create a list of top companies

Research on the internet and make a list of some top app development companies based on the criteria:

  • Development team count
  • Global delivery capability
  • Local-language support
  • In-country location of resources
  • Hourly rates/Cost
  • Ability to address regulatory and legal requirements

Step 2: Evaluate the User Experience on Their Website

At this step, review their website from the aspects:

  • UI and UX
  • Navigation

Assess their portfolio 

Consider assessing the company’s portfolio to understand their previous working experience. By adequately evaluating their portfolio, you can ask your concerns during on-call or in-person meetings while discussing the kind of project they have completed. 

Start by reviewing the apps built for various industries, domains, use cases, segments, and in B2C and B2B space. Once you get valuable insights into their app development capabilities and strengths, check out their previous works that match your requirements. 

You can look for case studies with detailed descriptions of their app development journey and then further sort out the candidates that don’t fit your criteria. 

Proposal Structure and Detailing

Now that you have shortlisted the best mobile app development company in India, ask for a proposal and estimated project cost from the remaining companies. Prepare some interview questions based on the following:

  • Business requirements
  • Design
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support
  • Future development needs

Here are a few questions that you should ask before hiring the best mobile app development company in India:

  • What solution do you provide?
  • What technology stacks will you recommend and why?
  • How well-resourced are you to provide the solution?
  • What will be your goal during the app development process?
  • How will you maintain communication during the entire development process?

Proceed with only those companies who answer to the best of your satisfaction.

Team Behind Proposal Development

Meeting and greeting the development team before starting the project is necessary. Ask your development team to provide the details of the members involved in the development. Sometimes, the sales team creates a proposal on fake promises without consultation from the technology team. 

As the sales team will not going to develop your mobile application, it is essential to know if the development team can commit the same as promised in the proposal. Ideally, a proposal should be created by the sales + tech team as it will help businesses to understand how effectively they can develop the app in a fixed timeframe. 

Technology Stack

A technology stack can be understood as a collective of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used for developing a software product. A well-planned technology stack is vital to make your development project seamless. Work closely with the best mobile app development company in India to select a technology stack considering the following – 

  • Type of application
  • Time to market
  • Application security
  • App development platform
  • Developer community strength
  • Availability of talent
  • Development cost
  • Migration
  • Scalability

Discussing the technology stack with the development companies on your list and considering prioritizing one that showcases confidence and a good track record in handling such projects using the advanced technology stack is essential.

Operational Practices & Management Capabilities

There are two ways to assess the operational practices and management capabilities:

  • Firstly, the mobile app development company should have in-depth knowledge of software development best practices.
  • Second, the service provider should be flexible enough to customize services according to your project requirement.

Also, assess the project managers and their team’s capabilities and understanding of:

  • Scope and Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Project Planning
  • Communication
  • Tracking and Reporting Project Success
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management

At the end of this stage, you will be left with 3-4 options on your list. Now stop the elimination process and start comparing to choose the best one for your project finally.

App Development Cost

While cost is the most crucial factor, we kept it at the end of our list of top criteria to select the best mobile app development company in India. Talented mobile app development companies won’t compromise with cost. Consider asking the cost of the entire mobile app development from your chosen company to start the project as soon as possible. 


Choosing the best mobile app development company in India is more challenging than it looks. But proper planning and set criteria can help you hire the most suitable company for your project. Now that you have all the information, choose the company that will be the best fit for your project.

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