Top Copper Scrap Buyers in Dubai

Dubai, a bustling metropolis known for its towering skyscrapers and economic prowess, is also a hub for the global metal trade. Among the various metals traded in this dynamic marketplace, copper scrap holds a significant position. In this article, we delve into the world of copper scrap buyers in Dubai, exploring contact information, current rates, and the prevailing trends in the market.

Copper Scrap Buyers in Dubai:

Dubai, with its strategic location and thriving trade sector, attracts numerous businesses engaged in the metal recycling industry. Copper scrap buyers play a crucial role in this ecosystem, facilitating the recycling and reuse of copper materials.

When it comes to choosing reliable copper scrap buyers in Dubai, it is essential to consider factors such as reputation, industry experience, and adherence to environmental standards. Some notable companies in this domain include [Company Name 1], [Company Name 2], and [Company Name 3], each with a proven track record of ethical and transparent dealings.

Contact Information for Copper Scrap Buyers in Dubai:

Company name: [Globalscraptrading]

Contact Number: [+971 258 581 87]

Address: [Office No 14 – Plot No 78 Ad Diman 8 St – Musaffah – M-26 – Abu Dhabi]

Website: []

Copper Wire Scrap Price in Dubai:

The price of copper wire scrap in Dubai is subject to various market factors, including global demand, supply chain dynamics, and economic trends. As of [Current Date], the average price for copper wire scrap in Dubai is [Price per KG or Other Unit]. It’s important for buyers and sellers to stay updated on these prices, as they can fluctuate based on market conditions.

Copper Scrap Rate Today:

To assist businesses and individuals in staying informed about the current market scenario, let’s take a look at the copper scrap rate today in Dubai. As of [Current Date], the prevailing rate for copper scrap is [Price Per KG or Other Unit]. This rate is indicative of the ongoing market conditions and can guide decisions related to buying or selling copper scrap.

Copper Scrap Price in Sharjah:

While Dubai is a major player in the metal trade, neighboring emirates like Sharjah also contribute significantly. The copper scrap price in Sharjah aligns closely with Dubai’s rates, reflecting the interconnected nature of the metal market in the region. As of [Current Date], the price in Sharjah stands at [Price Per KG or Other Unit].

Today’s Copper Scrap Price in Dubai:

For those closely monitoring the market, knowing today’s copper scrap price in Dubai is crucial. As of [Current Date], the price is [Price Per KG or Other Unit]. This real-time information empowers businesses and individuals to make timely decisions, maximizing the value of their copper scrap transactions.

1 KG Copper Scrap Price in UAE Today:

Zooming in on specific quantities, the 1 kg copper scrap price in the UAE today is [Price]. This unit-specific pricing provides a granular understanding of the market and assists sellers and buyers in negotiating fair deals.


In conclusion, navigating the copper scrap market in Dubai involves staying informed about reliable buyers, current prices, and market trends. Whether you’re a business looking to sell copper scrap or an individual interested in recycling, the information provided in this article serves as a valuable guide to making informed decisions in this dynamic and ever-evolving market.

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