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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Healthcare Digital Marketing Consultant

Over the years, marketing has evolved tremendously, with many businesses preferring digital marketing over traditional marketing. Similarly, healthcare providers have not been left behind. That said, with so many businesses now easily found at the click of a button, it’s important to work with a digital marketing consultant so you can reach your target audience. At Mansi Rana, we understand this and also know the struggles healthcare businesses face while trying to market themselves. Here are more reasons why you should work with a digital marketing consultant.

Increase Patient Retention

Every patient pays for convenience and easy access to services in this digital age. Therefore, a healthcare provider must use digital marketing tools such as creating a website. This way, patients can easily access information and register for appointments. Using social media platforms to engage patients on healthcare tips increases patients’ loyalty. Social media has been found to affect a patient’s choice when choosing a medical facility or doctor to visit.

Working with a healthcare digital marketing consultant such as Mansi Rana ensures you can create a targeted marketing campaign. As you become more visible to your patients, they will keep turning to you for healthcare information and services. This will increase your patient retention rates.

Reduce Cost Per Patient Acquisition

Most healthcare providers struggle to reduce acquisition costs per patient. They end up utilizing advertising mediums such as print press and television, which can be quite expensive. However, these costs can be cut by over 50% when you work with a healthcare digital marketing consultant.

In addition to cost-cutting, these strategies help increase return on investment (ROI). It is because the ease of reaching out to more people increases business awareness and creates positive effects on the business.

Direct Communication with Patients

Digital marketing strategies such as a click-to-call (CTC) enable patients to make consultation calls to medical facilities. Biz Report outlines that over 70 per cent of the phone calls made to a healthcare facility are due to a CTC on a healthcare website.

Direct communication is vital to patients as it gives them a reassuring feeling that their case is easily monitored by a professional. In addition, a functioning CTC leads to a high conversion rate which helps save costs compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Target Specific Patients

One of the main advantages of using digital marketing strategies is the ease in helping specify your target market. A healthcare digital marketing consultant such as Mansi Rana will help you specify the target market by outlining specific features.

These features include demography, age, gender, or other specific information. Then, you can reach out to the patients you want using certain keywords. The amazing thing is that healthcare providers can do this in real time, and you can’t compare the cost-saving benefits to traditional marketing.

Competitive Edge

The healthcare industry is very competitive and always changing shape. As a result, when healthcare providers become satisfied with their services, they risk losing patients to competitors in the market.

At Mansi Rana, we will take the time to examine and analyze the competitive scene that makes up your market. Thus making it easier for us to come up with a marketing strategy to help your business stay ahead of your competition.

Any healthcare facility that seeks to thrive in today’s world needs the services of a digital marketing consultant. It will help your business stay ahead of competitors, increase patient retention, and reduce the cost of patient acquisition, all while increasing your ROI.

With these reasons in mind, contact us today to see how we can help you upscale your marketing strategies.


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