Top 10 Wedding Destinations in India

One of the joyous moments in everyone’s life is when they get married to someone. The happiness and excitement of relatives and close friends cannot be piled up in a few words. It is a proud moment for every parent to see their son decked in royal wedding attire with sherwani, dhoti, turban, and matching footwear in the best destination wedding in India. Conversely, it is an exciting and teary moment for the parents to see their beautiful and darling daughter detaching from them and becoming a newly added member of the boy’s family. 

The love and fun she had enjoyed with her family and close friends will soon become a throwback memory after entering into a new phase of her life. These are the Indian rituals that have been carried since traditions and are still in practice. Regarding marriage preparations, it is indeed an uphill task for the parents from both sides. 

But what is more important is looking for the best places for destination weddings in India. Today, we bring you a checklist of some of India’s top 10 wedding destinations where everyone can rejoice in those special moments that come only once in a lifetime. So join us in this blog as we list down those famous places in India that are not meant to explore their exquisite features but also to plan something special to take a trip down memory lane later. 

Top 10 wedding destinations in India to consider

To freeze the special moment of your wedding, you must have the eye to select the best destination wedding places in India. Below are those places in India that make a top option. Let’s begin with:

1. Udaipur

To make your wedding ceremony unforgettable with sun-kissed beaches, royal palaces, ancient forts, and scenic mountains, Udaipur comes as the best wedding destination venue in Udaipur. Famously called the City of Lakes, this royal city is best for planning a royal grand wedding of your son or daughter. Besides the gripping view of the lakes here, the city is also famous for its lush green gardens, ancient temples and forts, and romantic backgrounds. Hence, every wedding picture clicked with guests, and friends will turn out superb and dynamic. So do search for the best venue destination in Udaipur for a better experience. Just type your search for the best resort for a wedding in Udaipur, and you will get many options. 

Best time to host wedding: September to February

2. Chittorgarh

As the name suggests, Chittorgarh is a place to visit India and Asia’s largest and most famous Chittor Fort. Tracing back its history, the fort had been sieged three times: once by Allauddin Khilji in 1303, the second time by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat in 1535, and Akbar in 1568. Also known as the Pride of Rajasthan, this city is famous for its striking forts and for planning weddings. You will find many top wedding resorts in Chittorgarh that would fulfil the desire for your dream royal wedding. 

Best time to host weddings: December to February

3. Nathdwara

Nathdwara is a city in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan that attracts tourists for its famous Shrinath Ji Temple. People visit this temple to worship the infant avatar of Lord Krishna. The other top attractions include the Vishwas Swaroopam Shiva statue, Ranakpur Jain Temple, and others. Like Udaipur and Chittorgarh, you can also book a wedding venue in Nathdwara. You will experience the same. 

Best time to host wedding: September to March

4. Shimla

Shimla is the ideal destination to wish for a beautiful wedding ceremony for your son or daughter in the mountains. It is famous for its natural beauty, with snow-capped mountains, lakes, marketplaces, and colonial houses. The romance-filled air in Mussoorie makes it a top destination for having amazing photo-clicking of your near ones behind the pristine background of hills. So book an opulent hotel in Shimla in advance and start preparations for the wedding ceremony. 

Best time to host weddings: March to October

5. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known to be one of the sacred and popular travel destinations in Uttarakhand. The place is famous for adventure sports like river rafting, visiting several ashrams, and practising yoga and meditation, which is why it is also called Yog Nagri. The other top attractions include The Beatles Ashram, Triveni Ghat, Neer Garh Waterfall, Ram Jhula, Lakshman Jhula, and more. Besides enjoying visiting all these attractions, you can also plan your dream wedding at one of the best wedding venues in Rishikesh

Best time to host weddings: March to May or October to February

6. Jodhpur

Famously called the Desert Capital of India, or Blue City, Jodhpur is a famous travel destination in Rajasthan. It attracts tourist footfall for its vast deserts, blue-painted houses, magnificent forts, princely palaces, and age-old temples. Like other cities of Rajasthan, who wouldn’t like to choose it as the royal destination wedding? All it needs is the preparation for the wedding ceremony, ending the wait to bring your beloved closer while tying that sacred knot and doing those seven circle rounds. 

Best time to host weddings: September

7. Manali

Manali is a famous hilly destination in Himachal Pradesh that most people visit to spend their vacations to escape from their regular hectic city life. The place attracts tourists for its seamless adventure sports and temples, including the famous Hidimba temple, snow-laden Solang Valley, picturesque Rohtang Pass, and delicious culinary recipes. But what if we say Manali can also be your dream wedding destination? Yes, it is true; luxury hotels in Manali provide all the opulent facilities for their guests. 

Best time to host weddings: October to January

8. Goa

Do you think Goa is only confined to fantastic sunset views, sandy pristine beaches, verdant forests, magnificent churches, seafood, and nightlife? If you feel the same, let us correct you; it is not. This place is also ideal for marrying the person who rules your heart. You can take a pre-wedding shoot at these places and enjoy endless rain dances after you finish your marital ceremonies in Goa. So book a luxury resort in Goa before you start your wedding preparations.

Best time to host weddings: November to February

9. Kolad

Many of you might have not heard much about Kolad. But this is indeed an underrated gem of Maharashtra that deserves a tourist footfall. This is a village that lies on the banks of River Kundalika in the Raigad district of the latter Indian state. This place is not just famous for its White Water rafting sport, but also to conduct wedding ceremonies. There are opulent hotels in Kolad you can search to celebrate the wonderful wedding of your children. 

The best time to host weddings: June to October during the monsoon

10. Munnar

Munnar, a small Kerala town, is still catching up in being considered the best wedding destination. This picturesque town is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty through many streams, rolling hills, virgin forests, splashy waterfalls, fantastic tea plantations, winding walkways, and savannahs. With all such spectacular views to watch, doesn’t Munnar make a perfect choice for your wedding with a serene background behind it? Of course, it is. So why wait to book a hotel in Munnar

Best time to host weddings: September to March


This ends our list of those top wedding destinations in India worth celebrating your special wedding moments. Besides briefing you about these places, we also mentioned the right time to organise your wedding plans so that you don’t face any hurdles. Now, with the top 10 options in this blog, it rests upon your decision which of these places you would choose, tying the knot and taking those sacred seven vows with your beloved. 

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