Top 07 Biometric Technology Market in the World

According to , The global Biometric Technology market is valued at USD 52.4 Billion in 2023. The overall demand for Biometric Technology is expected to develop at an 13.6% CAGR over the forecast period from 2023 to 2032. Global sales of Biometric Technology is anticipated to reach USD 159.8 billion by 2032.

  1. NEC Corporation: NEC Corporation is a global technology firm that is known as a specialist in network and information technology solutions. It was founded in Japan, NEC provides a vast array of products and services which include telecoms equipment, IT infrastructure biometrics, sophisticated security solutions. NEC is known for its innovations in facial recognition technology. The company helps in various industries like aviation, public safety, and finance.
  2. Precise Biometrics AB: Precise Biometrics AB specializes in biometric identity verification solutions. The company designs and supplies hardware and software for fingerprint recognition for a variety of applications, such as smart cards, mobile devices and Access control devices. Their technology improves the security of users and improves user experience on a vast variety of platforms and devices.
  3. Fujitsu Limited: Fujitsu Limited is a global IT services and solutions company with its headquarters in Japan. It offers a broad variety of IT services which include software, hardware, and cloud-based computing services. Fujitsu is known for its innovative work in supercomputing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, catering to a broad range of industries and companies around the world.
  4. 3M Cogent: 3M Cogent is an affiliate of 3M is a specialist in biometric authentication and verification solutions. They offer palmprint, fingerprint and facial recognition technology for various fields that include border control, law enforcement Civil ID and border control programs. The solutions they offer are designed to increase security and simplify the process of identifying.
  5. Hitachi: Hitachi is a global conglomerate, with a variety of business areas which include electronics, information technology industrial equipment, many more. The biometrics division of Hitachi focuses on developing cutting-edge technology, including finger vein authentication to increase security and user authentication for diverse applications.
  6. FaceFirst: FaceFirst is a company that uses facial recognition technology that is specialized on facial recognition applications designed for institutions, businesses, and law agencies for law enforcement. The solutions they offer are for identification verification as well as access control and surveillance, assisting organizations to improve security and improve efficiency.
  7. Nuance Communications: Nuance Communications is an IT and software company that is known as a specialist in natural processing of languages. They offer a variety of solutions, such as speech recognition software that is used in healthcare, customer service, as well as automotive and healthcare applications. Nuance’s technology allows machines recognize and interact with humans, enhancing the experience for users as well as effectiveness in a variety of sectors.

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