Tips To Use ChatGPT To Write Content For Your Business

Tips To Use ChatGPT To Write Content For Your Business

No business can survive without content. It is a medium to communicate with your audience. Feeding content constantly is extremely crucial to hook your audience to your products and services. Not just promotional content but informational content is also a must. Creating content that makes the lives of people better is not a cinch, especially if search engines have to work as a mediator to introduce your business to your audience when they try to find you using search queries you have targeted.

Reliance on artificial intelligence is on the rise, and of late, Google has spurred on companies using ChatGPT and other content generator tools to produce compelling content. However, it was strictly against it before this year. As long as your content provides quality to your users, Google will not raise an objection to your content despite the fact that it is generated using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an AI tool that uses deep learning algorithms and analyse huge amount of text data to generate human-like content. Though it helps you produce content effectively, it is not a writing tool. To create content through GPT, you will need keywords, topics and titles, so the tool can provide you with a lot of suggestions.

How to create top-notch content for your business

ChatGPT is an advanced AI tool designed to assist you with creating user-friendly content. It can provide you with a lot of suggestions in a few seconds for you to use to produce an effective copy or content. Here are the steps to create high-quality business content:

  • It helps generate an article outline

If you have a topic, you can use ChatGPT to get a lot of suggestions and subtopics. Insert your article topic, and without further ado, you will get several suggestions. The more details you will provide to the tools, the better suggestions you will get. In fact, apart from the title, you can provide some keywords, target audience, and general instructions. The tool will create an outline for you to write an article.

Suppose you want to generate a blog post on how AI tools benefit content writing. You have put this topic along with the purpose of the article, which is that it should contain practical tips and is aimed at marketers who want to leverage AI benefits.

Here is the outline you will get.


  • Basic overview of AI in content writing
  • Introduction of ChatGPT
  • Purpose of the article

Understanding ChatGPT

  • Features of ChatGPT
  • Types and models
  • How it assists with writing or writing benefits

How to use ChatGPT

  • Preliminary steps t access the tool
  • Commands and instructions for writing
  • Customised settings for content writing needs

It is not necessary to use all suggestions by the tool. You can choose some of them or you can simply ask the tool to create entirely a new version or to use specific information. Remember that ChatGPT cannot absolutely free you from writing.

  • It helps create catchy headlines and effective meta-descriptions

You will be surprised to know that this AI tool is also helpful in creating catchy headlines and meta descriptions. Your uses will fund you only if you write the correct meta title and meta description. Of course, Google will decide whether you have used the correct meta description. No matter how good content you create through your blog posts, but if your meta tags are not engaging and suitable, Google will not prefer your content.

This small piece of information is worthwhile and can make or break it. Define your main topic and keywords. Then, CHatGPT will generate a list of potential headlines using that keyword. For instance, if you have created a blog post on the benefits of long term loans with no guarantor and bad credit, you can ask ChatGPT to write 4 to 5 catchy headlines for your blog posts. IT can also create meta descriptions. You just have to provide the right keyword.

  • Summarise blog posts

You can take the help of ChatGPT to summarise your blog posts. In fact, the tool has the capacity to analyse massive text in research papers and books to identify critical points that it uses to summarise the text. The tool consists of advanced AI properties that help create concise summaries and highlight the most vital information in an organised way.

ChatGPT has three versions. The free version is GPT 3.5. It can only handle simple tasks. GPT 4 is effective for analysing images, voice, etc. This is a paid version. However, if you intend to use ChatGPT for summarising, the free version will not allow you to paste more than 2048 characters. You will have to use the latest GPT 4 Turbo, which is an advanced version of GPT 4. You can handle 300 pages of text at a time. You do not need to paste the full article to get a summary, as it can be done by directly accessing the webpage.

  • It helps with keyword research

This advanced tool does not just have the ability to generate content and summarise a lengthy piece of text. This language model can also assist you with keyword research as well. In other words, it can generate a lot of ideas for keywords. Of course, it will not be able to do it with the same level of accuracy as keyword planners do, but uncooked suggestions can still come in handy.

However, at the time of using this tool, you must bear in mind that it can suggest some keywords that are not related to your topic. You should be careful while choosing the tool for keyword research, as using wrong or irrelevant keywords will ruin your SEO efforts.

Make sure that you do research bearing this fact in mind. You should research content ideas, and once you have picked the topic, make sure the keywords are completely specific to the topic. You can simply ask the tool, “what are some relevant or related keywords for XYZ (your topic)?” You can further refine your research by asking the tool to suggest long-tail keywords. The more specific research you do, the better it is.

  • Edit your content

You can also use ChatGPT to edit your content. It will not just help you tackle grammatical errors but it will also help you make your content more precise by adding examples. You can copy and paste the text that you want it to edit and give it a command to edit it to make it more concise and readable.

The bottom line

ChatGPT can be an effective tool to assist you with writing, but bear in mind that the content it generates may not always be perfect. It is not like you can use straightaway use a delivered piece of text for your business.

Further, it hinges on detailed writing prompts to create content matching your requirements, so it might not be a suitable tool to create long-form content. Human intelligence cannot be beaten by artificial intelligence, so be prepared to put in your efforts too while using ChatGPT to create content for your business.

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