Tips for TOEFL Exam by Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

Tips for TOEFL Exam by Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

The TOEFL exam is for those who want to study abroad, and scoring well on the exam is important, too. TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE exams are compulsory to get enrolled in any college or course. English proficiency course is for non-native English speakers. It helps the admission committee to analyze the skills of students. Also, a standard test is accepted in 10,000+ colleges all around the world. 

The study abroad consultants in Chennai help you prepare for the exam and give you tips and tricks for it. With that, students can prepare for the TOEFL exam and get a seat in college. All the best colleges in the world accept TOEFL scores. This is a guide to prepare well for the exams. 

How to Prepare for TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL test has four sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Your English speaking ability is tested through this test. Prepare and practice as much as you can. Students may be good in one section and average in the other. Give more time to the weak sections, but do not leave the strong sections aside. Also, gather the official study material and books to prepare well.

The overseas education consultants in Chennai will help you plan as per the given guidelines. Prepare section-wise to know your weaknesses and focus on them. They will provide you with practice tests and set goals to achieve every day. Also, their expertise will help you clear exams in one go. Follow the below tips to prepare for the TOEFL exam and get a good score.


The first thing to understand before you start studying for the exam is to know the format. When you know the test format and the kind of questions to expect, you will not face exam stress. It is a standard test which makes the examiner understand whether you are fit to move abroad or not. There are two ways to take the test, which is internet and paper-based. Internet-based test is more popular these days, but check the type of test your country offers. 

The study abroad consultants in Chennai guide you about the format and also what to expect from the exam in detail. They will advise you about the marks each section carries. However, if you are applying for a particular college, they inform you if the college requires you to master a specific skill. 

Study Material

The official TOEFL study material is vital to prepare for the exam and covers all the sections. It contains crucial pointers and practice questions. There are many options available that will prepare you well for the exam day. Several materials are available to prepare for the test, such as books, online courses, mock tests, etc. 

If you are still unsure what to do and how to study? Talk to the study abroad consultants in Chennai to get an overview of the courses and study material available. Try to get the best advice, and help you understand the pattern of the exam.


Set a routine to manage time for your classes and study at home. Create a schedule to practice as much as possible. If you follow the routine every day, you will not be overburdened by the syllabus. It will improve your performance and manage your time as per the criteria. Start with an hour, and as the test date comes closer, increase it up to two to three hours. 

Prepare for at least four months to have enough time to prepare. Determine your goal and prepare a routine accordingly. Divide your time into all four sections, and give only a set amount of time to every part. Stick to it and be regular. 

Practice Tests

Studying is not enough; you need to practice for a full test. It will help you understand the test format. Practice papers are more like the actual exam. Also, this test covers all the crucial concepts, and taking a test will improve your performance. Solve at least 2 or 3 test papers every week and take a look at past years’ question papers.

The study abroad consultants in Chennai help you stay focused and prepare you in the best way possible. They will give you mock tests and help boost your vocabulary. The consultant will also help you decide which question requires more time or vice versa. It is a strategy to complete tests on time.

Answer All the Questions

Answer all the questions because there is no negative marking. Do not leave even a single question blank. However, if you are lucky enough, the guessed answer may be correct. Finish a section and then try to solve the question you left. First, give your focus on the questions you know later you can finish the leftover things.

The study abroad consultants in Chennai suggest you attempt all the questions, so it increases your chances of clearing the band score and not wasting time in another attempt.    

Master All Four Sections

Prepare well before you appear for the test. Strengthen your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to pass the exam in one go. Before registering for the test, ensure you are ready to take it. Work on all four sections equally to score better because every part carries a different weight.

Take mock tests, practice questions and mock interviews. Take note of the areas where you need improvement. Anytime you face an issue, clear it as soon as possible. 


Practice makes a man perfect. This phrase fits perfectly in a situation like this because practising is the only way to improve your skills and gain knowledge. Solve test papers and start giving yourself time limits to increase your speed. Practice is the best preparation till the actual exam day. 

The study abroad consultants in Chennai advise you to practice as much as possible. It helps you achieve the target score and helps improve your language skills. Also, they will provide you with past question papers to make you understand the standard of the test.


Taking the TOEFL exam is a tough task, especially for those who did not practice well. They do not understand the format of the test. However, the overseas education consultants in Chennai help you in preparing. With expert guidance, you can pass the test with a good score and clear your first step towards the study abroad journey. 

If you are unsure from whom to take support, check the website of The experts will guide and support you throughout the journey and help you achieve the set goals.

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