Tips for the Most Effective Envelopes Printing for Your Business

In case you want to boost the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns, creating envelopes can grab the attention of your recipients. It can encourage them to open the mail. But you need to make sure that you are designing the most effective envelopes. 

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the most powerful tips for powering envelopes printing for your business. with these design tips, you can increase your open rates. 

  • Break Away from the Ordinary

One of the primary mistakes you can make with direct mail marketing is using plain and regular white envelopes, which blend in with the mail stack that recipients receive. To stand out from your competitors, you can choose envelopes, which feature unique textures, colors, or patterns. For instance, asking the envelope printing services to print the envelopes in bright colors can pique curiosity and attract customers to open it. 

  • Create a Sense of Urgency with Teaser Imagery and Copy

Make the envelope difficult to ignore by using teaser imagery and copy, which creates a sense of urgency. Create compelling messages on the envelope that hint at enthralling contents within it, such as exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, or valuable details. combine it with attractive visuals to leave your target customers anticipating what is within the envelope.  

  • Experiment with Attractive Typography and Designs

To make the envelope visually attractive, experience attractive and bold designs. Consider using oversized, unconventionally-shaped envelopes, or interesting die-cut windows, which provide a sneak peek of the contents. Combine the designs with attractive typography for creating a visually impressive envelope that pushes to be opened. 

  • Use Customization to Make the Recipients Feel Special

Customization is the key to making the direct mail items and out and resonate with recipients. Use variable data printing techniques for addressing the recipient by their name and add personalized items, such as handwritten notes or signatures. The personal touch will create a stronger connection and will make the target customers feel valued, improving the likelihood that they can open it. 

  • Leverage Images and Colors that Evoke the Emotions

Images and colors have a significant impact on human’s human and their decision-making ability. Choose images and colors, which align with the brand and evoke the emotional response you desire in your target audience. For instance, vibrant colors, such as yellow or red can create a sense of excitement, while calming greens and blues can evoke relaxation and trust. Use images that will resonate with the target customers and spark curiosity. 

  • Be Original and Innovative

Be creative with business envelopes, do not hold back when you are considering the designs. The more crazy, unique, and creative your design, the more customers are going to open it. Cramming the envelope and making it look tacky, lets the brand and promotions be presented uniquely. In case it is possible, find a printing service that has an internal design team that can help. It will not help you with the design but will inform you about the limitations and possibilities, too. 

  • Choose the Right Paper

When people sort through their mail to see everything they have received, most of the mail might feel the same. By choosing paper that feels different, you might be able to get your target customers to stop and pay attention to the mail you have sent. 

This is the reason you need to make sure that you are using high-grade paper that will work to your advantage. It also helps in making sure that the brand looks professional. It will help in creating the best first impression through business envelopes printing, which leaves people thinking that the product or service you offer is of the highest quality. 

  • Ensure the Content Match the Envelopes

If you want people to notice you, consistency is the key. The documents that you have within the envelope should match the design of the envelope. It means that if you have the colors and logo on the outside of the mailer, you can add it to your letterhead. 

Additionally, you need to use coordinating paper for the documents inside and the envelope, if you can. Not only will consistency make the envelope look more professional but also be detail-oriented. 

  • Use Call-to-Actions for Memorability

You need to ensure that you use full-color printed envelopes for highlighting call-to-actions, such as ‘Visit our website’ or ‘Call us today’. Failing to include a call-to-action will leave your customers confused. This is because they will not know what to do after reading the contents of the envelope. 


Are you choosing envelopes printing to boost your marketing campaign? But you have to make sure that you are printing it right. Click to learn the best tips to print one. 

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