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Tips for Moving Large Furniture to a New Home

Relocating to a new home is an exciting experience, but the process may be difficult, particularly if substantial furniture needs to be moved. Whether you’re redesigning your living area, upgrading, or downsizing, managing large furniture demands careful preparation and execution. If you’re in Florida and thinking about hiring local or Furniture Movers Vero Beach, the following pointers can help you move heavy furniture into your new home with ease: 

1. Measure Doorways and Hallways

Measure the doors, hallways, and staircases in your new and existing properties before moving day comes. If a piece is too large for openings, you may need to disassemble it or explore alternative moving routes.

Document the measurements and create a floor plan that includes the dimensions of your furniture. This visual aid can be a valuable reference for you and the Local Movers Vero Beach Fl on the day of the move.

2. Disassemble When Possible

For simple transportation, large furniture pieces are made to be dismantled. Look for assembly instructions or user manuals that detail how to disassemble each component. It helps to reassemble at your new house and makes furniture transit more manageable.

To avoid damage during the relocation, ensure any appliances or electrical parts in your furniture are securely fastened and unplugged.

3. Use Furniture Sliders

Sliders for transporting heavy furniture over different surfaces are revolutionary. Sliders can be placed beneath furniture legs or corners to reduce friction and enable smoother furniture to glide across floors. This easy-to-use gadget can reduce the effort needed to move bulky furniture and avoid scratches on tile or hardwood floors. Select sliders based on the type of flooring in your current and new homes.

4. Secure Furniture with Moving Straps

Get high-quality moving straps to secure bulky furniture and avoid injury during the move. It will be simpler for you and the Florida Moving Services to lift and transport the furniture thanks to these straps, which equally distribute its weight. Moving straps also improve stability and control while negotiating stairs and confined areas.

Before attempting to handle massive furniture, try lifting and moving smaller pieces as much as you can. Then, when it comes time to use moving straps, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. Hire Professional Furniture Movers

If you’re moving large or expensive furniture, you might want to think about hiring movers with experience. You can find Local Florida Moving Services who can handle the particular difficulties of your site.

Seek out Local Movers Vero Beach Fl who have a track record of dependability, effectiveness, and cautious furniture handling. Examine customer testimonials, get referrals, and find whether they have moved big, fragile things before.

6. Protect Furniture With Blankets and Wrapping

Place blankets or furniture pads over your large furniture to protect it from dents, scratches, and other damage during the relocation. For upholstered and hardwood furniture in particular, this additional layer of protection is crucial.

To protect upholstered furniture from dust and any stains during the relocation, apply plastic wrap directly on the fabric.


7. Plan Furniture Placement in the New Home

Make arrangements for each item of furniture in your new house before the big move. It helps the movers know exactly where to put each item and expedites unloading. It is less likely that heavy furniture will need to be rearranged after it is in the house when a clear strategy is in place.

Indicate on furniture which room it goes in and if there are any special positioning requirements. It will save time and effort when coordinating with the movers.


It takes considerable preparation and thought to move huge furnishings to a new house in Vero Beach, Florida. These pointers can assist in ensuring a seamless and stress-free shift whether you decide to manage the move yourself or hire local movers. Planning and carrying out the move helps safeguard your furniture and make settling into your new home joyful. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider experienced Furniture Movers Vero Beach, like Friends Moving.

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