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Tips by Best Study Abroad Consultants in Indiafor Admission

For the uninitiated, deferring admissions means postponing the enrolment. Students do it when they can’t take admission at the start of the semester/year. The reason could be anything from health issues to personal concerns. Moreover, foreign college allow that as long as the reason is valid. However, students need to be mindful when deferring admissions. The best study abroad consultants in India give you tips about it. is a place where you find all abroad education experts.

This website has been helping Indian students through overseas studies. It has been giving them with reliable support on all fronts. The experts here make exam planning flawless. They also help students with interviews and visa procedures. And when it comes to something like deferring admissions, they give sound counselling. They enable the students to make the most of this process. Besides providing direct help, they also share helpful tips.

Experts Suggest the Following when Deferring Admissions:

The concept of deferring could be new to many Indian students. If they know some basics, they can do it the right way.

Check the Eligibility Criteria First

Most universities consider the following reasons for deferment:

  • Health issues
  • Delays in visa
  • Incidents like pandemic/natural calamity
  • Involvement in human welfare
  • Other academic pursuits

These are some basic reasons that all colleges acknowledge. However, students must check them once with the university they’re applying for. The best study abroad consultants in India suggest that you do it.

Know the Process of Deferring

Here, as well, there’s a standard process that every institute follows. Students need to submit a letter asking deferment to the college. While writing it, aspirants must be sure about a couple of things. First of all, it must give them a strong reason for it. More than that, it has to convince them to postpone admissions.

Be Mindful of the Rules

Different college follow different rules regarding deferment. So, be totally sure about them before applying. Most institutes have a deadline for receiving letters regarding such requests. Hence, you need to check these details thoroughly. Usually, the website gives all the data about it. If needed, the students can also contact the concerned department for clarity.

Be Sure About the Duration

Here’s another factor that varies from one institute to another. Most institutes can delay admission by a few months. Thus, student must check this duration as well. The best study abroad consultants in India suggest contacting universities. They suggested that aspirants get 100% clarity on the date. Once they know it for sure, then they should proceed.

Check if There’s a Fee for It

Some institutes charge students for deferment. Mostly, it’s a small amount, but it might matter to some. Also, some college only ensure enrollment. They don’t ensure that you’ll get a particular course, which is why it’s essential to check that as well. A few colleges might charge more fees for securing the course.

Know the Risks of It Too

With deferment, universities may change some admission terms. It’s possible that they delay scholarships or cancel them altogether. Therefore, you again need to check it with the institute. Some universities may not keep scholarships available for a longer period. So, the best study abroad consultants in India suggest advise in it. Students must talk to experts regarding it.

Other Things to Consider

When considering deferment, consider a few things first:-

  • Validity of test scores
  • Effect on goals

Most language tests have a validity period of two years. As discussed above, deferment happens for a few months. Hence, the validity of the score isn’t a major concern. However, you must check it once with the college. Furthermore, make sure could impact your study plans, especially if you’ve signed up for an internship program.

Benefits of Deferment

The downsides of deferment may overwhelm you. But if you have no options, you should see its benefits. That’s what study abroad consultants India suggests to all candidates. You can focus on whatever reason for which you’ve applied postponement. In addition to that, you can use this time for other purposes. You can work on building some skills and learning new things.

Understand the Reasons for Rejection

Deferment does not work for some disciplines like medicine. Moreover, if you’re late in applying, they’ll surely reject it. And then comes your ability to write a convincing letter. When you’re writing it, make sure that it’s well crafted. Otherwise, the college won’t consider it even if the reason is genuine.

Consult with an Expert

As you understand, deferment impacts studies on many fronts. Thus, you must consult with an expert before choosing it. The experts can certainly suggest the best thing. They can tell you about all the considerable alternatives. So, never make this decision before talking to an expert.


Students opt for deferment for many reasons. It certainly works for a large of foreign university candidates. But before choosing it, aspirants must know its issues. They must also know the whole procedure with full precision. Only then can they make the application process flawless. The study abroad consultants India help students with this. With them, aspirants understand all the benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, students must take advice before opting for deferment.

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