Things a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Family Lawyers can assist with various family law issues.

We aid with cohabitation, prenuptial, and postnuptial agreements.

Legal advice on divorce, dissolution, finances, and child custody is available after a breakup.

Some parents require professional guidance to change their name, move abroad, or make important educational or healthcare decisions for their children.

Family lawyers can petition the Family Court for protection orders against known abusers in addition to advising clients on domestic violence.

Your family lawyer may suggest therapy, mediation, financial advisors, and other community services.

Benefits You Can Expect from a Family Lawyer

Some of what family lawyers do for their clients may surprise you.

Separation (obviously)

The most common reason people, who has Residency in Malta use family lawyers is divorce. However, there is a great deal of diversity in how family lawyers accomplish this, and even within firms and attorneys, there is a great deal of difference in how divorce services are tailored to each client. So that they don’t have to worry about a thing, some clients prefer to have an expert lawyer handle all the legal intricacies, acting as an advocate and consultant throughout the procedure. Some divorcing couples prefer to manage the process alone and may require limited representation, such as reviewing a settlement agreement.

Finding Family Lawyers who shares your values and can handle your case effectively is crucial if you find yourself in need of a divorce.

Adoptions with Additional Parents or Stepparents

Helping clients formalise their parent-child ties is a part of family lawyers’ practice. A stepparent or same-sex partnership without a biological parent may nevertheless fulfil all the essential roles of a parent. Both the parent and the child may lose out on valuable rights and benefits if the connection is not formally recognised.

A child’s right to receive financial support from an adopted parent and the adoptive parent’s right to legal parental rights are both conferred by adoption. Being a legal parent also grants the adoptive parent the right to spend time with the child in the event of a parent-child divorce. Both the parent and the child can feel more at ease and secure when they know their relationship is legally recognised.

Establish Paternity

When a child’s biological father is not married to the mother, Family Lawyers can play a crucial role in determining paternity. (When a pregnant woman is married, the law assumes that her husband is the child’s father.)

There is a legal and a biological component to fatherhood. Legally establishing paternity grants a father and his kid specific rights, such as the ability to inherit from each other, receive financial support from the father, and share parenting responsibilities. Both the father and the child benefit from the process of establishing paternity since it strengthens the bond between them.


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