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The Ultimate Wholesale Kyanite Gemstone Jewellery Gifting Guide


Due to its wide variety of hues, rarity, and an extensive list of medicinal powers, kyanite is a perennial favorite among crystal fans.

Rare mineral kyanite crystal often forms at very high pressure in metamorphic rocks. It usually appears as deep cerulean blue crystal fragments, although it may also be black, grey, turquoise, or ocean blue in appearance. Although somewhat more delicate than quartz crystal, it is extraordinarily durable for a bladed crystal, measuring anywhere between 4.5 and 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

What Is The Meaning Of Kyanite?

Throughout the centuries, this powerful and uncommon crystal has been used by people, and many meanings have been given to it. However, the most prevalent ideas associated with the symbolism of the kyanite stone are clarity, healing, and protection.

You won’t have to go very far to understand the significance of these symbols, as the rarity, power, and color of kyanite quickly conjure up images of holiness, peace, and profound healing. It is said that the vibrational frequency of kyanite is immensely helpful for removing mental, physical, and emotional blocks that accumulate as we deal with the demands of daily life.

Kyanite’s Advantages And Healing Properties

Since kyanite jewelry has many therapeutic properties, bits of it are often incorporated into kyanite rings, kyanite earrings, kyanite pendants, kyanite bracelets, and kyanite necklaces.

Crystal healers often advise wearing kyanite jewelry around the throat or around the neck because it is said to be particularly good in removing blockages from the throat chakra, the body’s energy center for communication. This involves open and honest communication with oneself as well as various more subtle types of interpersonal communication. Kyanite jewelry is confined to direct verbal conversations with others.

Kyanite jewelry is a well-liked remedy for sleep issues since it is also said to have the power to foster and preserve inner serenity, tranquility, and harmony. According to popular belief, kyanite jewelry targets accumulations of mental and emotional tension dissolves them, and frees up the body’s energy flow.

Every day, we bear a variety of stresses and obligations. They may develop in ways that are quite painful for us physically or emotionally if they are left untreated for a very long time. When using kyanite jewelry, it’s common to feel an overwhelming release of repressed grief, rage, or irritation because of the stone’s extraordinarily strong cleaning energy. You will feel lighter, clearer, and calmer after these blocks have been removed, so do not give up.

How Is Kyanite Used?

Both in the field of crystal therapy and in industrial operations, kyanite stone has several uses. Surprisingly, the heat resistance of kyanite makes it a perfect component for use in molds that are used to cast heated metals into different forms.

There are numerous approaches you may take if you want to use kyanite crystal for healing. The simplest and most popular way is to wear kyanite jewelry on your body.

You may also keep a piece of kyanite in your pocket if jewelry or other accessories aren’t your styles or you can’t wear them to work. Purchase a soft pouch to keep it safe from other things in your pockets, such as coins, keys, or other metal objects, that might scratch or harm it.

Some individuals find that more deliberate techniques, such as crystal meditation, help them benefit more from the therapeutic powers of kyanite. Even though much of this procedure is intuitive and subjective, we advise choosing a peaceful setting, sitting or lying down, shutting your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and trying to concentrate on the crystal.

Try to feel whatever areas of your body respond to the presence of the piece of kyanite you have selected by placing it in your hand. Breathe deeply and regularly while adjusting the crystal to the spot that feels most comfortable. Depending on the nature of your condition, you will probably be attracted to position it near your neck, heart, stomach, or pelvis. Throughout this procedure, follow your instincts and don’t place any pressure on yourself to meet any particular objectives.

How Should I Clean and Take Care of Kyanite Jewelry?

Because kyanite is priceless, it must always be handled carefully. Your kyanite jewelry should always be handled delicately and carefully, regardless of in which jewelry it is set. Despite the fact that it is a relatively durable crystal, dropping it on a hard surface or incorrectly keeping it may cause cracks, scratches, or even total shattering.

To take care of your kyanite jewelry, avoid utilizing any abrasive chemical cleaning solutions. To remove any unattractive markings, dust, or fingerprints, tepid water, and organic soap will do just fine. To prevent scratching the stone’s surface, be careful to dry and polish it with a soft cloth or tissue.

Your kyanite jewelry should always be kept in a soft, non-abrasive bag or container while it’s not being worn or used. Avoid placing it in a bowl or container with other crystals since this often results in chipping.

How Can You Tell If Kyanite Is Real?

Fortunately, anybody trying to create fake kyanite would probably discover that doing so would be more expensive than just purchasing it. Therefore, it is doubtful that you will discover fake samples on the market. It is most likely kyanite if it is labeled as such and looks like it.

Going to a reliable provider is the best method to avoid purchasing fake gemstones of any sort; just watch out for being overcharged! It’s usually a good idea to compare costs amongst providers since some esoterica stores slap significant markups on well-known gemstones.


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