The School of Etiquette Redefines Elegance and Professional Excellence

School of Etiquette, a leading provider of etiquette, has trained thousands of students from a variety of sectors and professions, including banking, hospitality, tourism, government, and media, since its founding in 2013.

The CPD Standards Office has recognised the courses offered by the School of Etiquette, allowing students to receive certificates and CPD points at the end of the programme. Some of the courses offered are convenient and flexible, allowing students to select the days and hours that work best for them.

Our vision is to establish a world where individuals connect and communicate with grace and confidence and where they respect one another as well as themselves. The mission of the School of Etiquette is to prepare its students for the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century by offering them high-quality, timely lessons that improve their professional and personal skills.

The instructors, who offer extensive knowledge and competence in etiquette, protocol, communication, and presentation, are trained and experienced professionals.

The courses provided by the School of Etiquette range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and can be customised according to the interests and preferences of the students. Additionally, the School of Etiquette provides globally accessible online courses on virtual meeting etiquette, international business etiquette, and more.

The School of Etiquette has been grateful for our clients’, partners’, and stakeholders’ support and feedback. This allows us to provide our clients with excellence and value, as well as ongoing progress and creativity.

Visit their website to learn more about what the School of Etiquette has to offer:


The School of Etiquette is a Cape Town-based company that was established in 2013 by Courtenay Carey and Tian Hattingh, who are passionate about enabling people to reach their potential through etiquette, emotional intelligence, and personal growth. Our school provides a variety of courses for people, groups, schools, institutions, and businesses, including social etiquette, leadership development, and children’s etiquette. Thousands of clients from a variety of professions and businesses, including banking, hospitality, tourism, government, and media, have received training from the School of Etiquette.

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