The reasons for the problems of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing topic to talk about. It is a common problem in men. More than 60 % of men aged 40-70 years are suffering from this. Erectile dysfunction is called impotence. Many men feel hesitation while talking about erectile dysfunction. Two main reasons are responsible for erectile dysfunction. 

Reason for the erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs in males. Outer and inner health problems can be a reason for the cause of erectile dysfunction. The two types of erectile dysfunction are Physical and psychological. A poor physical condition can slow your sexual response. It can cause anxiety to maintain an erection. The result of anxiety is erectile dysfunction.

  • The physical reason for erectile dysfunction:  the overconsumption of unhealthy, poor and greasy food causes obesity and cholesterol. We all know that obesity is a reason for all health issues. Obesity causes Diseases related to the heart, like asthma, thick blood, which further causes clotting of blood in the nerves of the urinary tract, and blocked blood vessels that can occur because of blood clotting. All these problems can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. 
  • Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction:  Stress affects the relationship status of people. You have Erectile Dysfunction, and you feel difficulty with orgasms. Your confidence level also decreases. The lack of confidence makes people nervous, and it causes psychological problems. The main psychological problems are Stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Cause of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem in this world. Every third male in the country is suffering from erectile dysfunction. For these problems, some medical issues and physical issues are responsible. The causes for erectile dysfunction are: the levels of male sex hormones called testosterone are very low. Diabetes and Heart diseases make the body of a person very weak. Insomnia, Sexually transmitted diseases are harmful, and they put Stress on the patient with erectile dysfunction. The problem of High blood pressure and some non psychotic problems affect the human body and can be a reason for erectile dysfunction. 

Signs of erectile dysfunction

You feel several symptoms during erectile dysfunction. 

Your desire for sex is low, you are not able to satisfy your better half, You are scared of getting physical with your better half, and you feel pain during the intimation process. You have Erectile Dysfunction, and you feel difficulty with orgasms. You Are not able to live your sexual life. If you notice any symptoms, then without wasting a minute, you should go to the Best Urologist in Ludhiana. After the check, they will guide you about the best treatment plan for correcting erectile dysfunction. Many sexologists also treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. It directly has a negative impact on your sexual life. 

Diagnosis for erectile dysfunction. 

  • Physical exam. A physical examination checks your penis and testicles and the sensation of nerves. 
  • Blood tests. A blood sample is sent to a lab just to know the signs of heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone levels and other health conditions.
  • Urine tests. Urine tests are lucrative to analyze the signs of diabetes and other problems and health conditions. The urinary test is also known as urinalysis. 
  • Ultrasound. A specialist usually performs this test. A wandlike device is held over the blood vessels that supply the penis. A video image is created for the doctor to see if you have problems with blood flow.
  • Psychological exam. Your doctor might ask questions to check for depression and other possible psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction.

The best Urologists in Punjab are always available to help you in many ways. You will definitely find the treat the best by the urologist. Share your whole problem with them and get the best treatment plan and live your relationship and married life happily.

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