The Original Flame: A Trusted Source for Fireplaces, Stoves, and Grills in Peterborough

Homeowners living in colder climates often start looking for heating solutions before winter sets in. Whether it be stoves, grills, or traditional fireplaces, every homeowner has something in mind when it comes to heating their home. With the myriad of brands and products available, making the right choice can be tough. Luckily, The Original Flame, a locally owned and operated fireplace, stove, and grill store in Peterborough, Ontario, is proud to offer its customers a wide range of heating solutions.

Introducing The Original Flame

Founded in 2007 by former certified health professional Michel Kadwell-Chalmers, The Original Flame provides heating solutions such as gas fireplaces, stoves, and grills. It has something for every type of preference and homeowner. This includes reliable maintenance and repair services, professional installations, and personalized consultations.

Some of the products that The Original Flame deals with include fireplace doors, mantels, hearth pads, tools, and covers. They carry products from various brands, such as Napoleon, Regency, Enviro, Jotul, Vermont Castings, and Weber.

Products Available at The Original Flame

The Original Flame caters to a variety of heating needs, which is why it provides different types of heating solutions.

Fireplaces: The Original Flame offers a wide range of fireplaces, including gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and ethanol fireplaces. They are sustainable fireplace alternatives to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, which is the need of the hour. The Original Flame brings with it fireplaces from renowned brands such as Saber, Amantii, Kingsman, and Regency. They also provide installation services for the fireplaces.

BBQ and Grills: The Original Flame provides BBQ and grills manufactured by brands such as Kamado Joe and Saber. Almost all of their models are built for greater fuel efficiency and come with features such as a quick preheat system and infrared technology. They are made from non-magnetic stainless steel, which makes them ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.

Furnaces: The Original Flame is a registered Continental Heating and Cooling product distributor. Under HRH Enterprises, it offers exceptional installation services for Continental furnaces. As a reputed HVAC company, it ensures skilled experts, reasonable pricing, and a faster turnaround time.

Appliances and cookstoves: The Original Flame is the licensed distributor of Elmira      Stove Works, which offers top-of-the-line kitchen appliances and cookstoves. It offers wood-burning cookstoves, electric cookstoves, and electric cookstoves, all of which come with an instant heat generation system.

Inserts: Adding a gas insert to a home is not only more sustainable but also an efficient way of heating. The Original Flame provides inserts manufactured by leading brands such as Archgard and Regency.

Apart from the products mentioned above, The Original Flame also provides repair and installation services. For further details, visit the official site at

About The Original Flame:

The Original Flame is a reputed boutique showroom of heating and cooling solutions operating in the Peterborough, Ontario, region. Their products are known for their quality, efficiency, and authenticity. It is also a registered seller of brands like Kingsman, Saber, and Regency.

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