Emsella Incontinence Treatment Cardiff

The Challenges of Functional Incontinence

Millions of people in the UK are struggling with functional incontinence. Individuals living with this condition often have underlying medical conditions, or physical problems, that prevent them from reaching the bathroom in time. People rarely recover from this condition contributing to functional incontinence and they keep bearing long-term consequences.

Let’s understand functional incontinence in detail here. Read this and you will be better prepared for Emsella incontinence treatment in Cardiff.

Functional urinary incontinence occurs when a person identifies the need to urinate but he is not able to access the washroom due to another physical or mental condition. The condition makes the patient lose control over their bladder or fail to recognize the natural call. Most people suffering from this condition already have an underlying condition, such as cognitive disorders, Neurological disorders, irritation on vaginal tissues, UTIs, and so on.

We all know that a trip to the restroom is a private endeavor, and when incontinence interrupts our private space, we feel socially stigmatized. The people living with this condition are not new to embarrassment accompanying the stigma of accidents or frequent trips to the washroom.

The stigma causes stress and creates a stronger desire for privacy, which delays the efforts of seeking treatment. The affected people often change their routine, they stop themselves from meeting people, leading to social isolation and withdrawal. These people start seeing themselves as weak or dependent on others.

If we have any family member struggling with this condition, we must support them and help them overcome these challenges by showing mental and physical support. For more information about emsella incontinence treatment Cardiff, reach out now.


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