The Best Slimming Patches for Targeting Stubborn Fat in Specific Body Areas


We all have those problem spots where fat seems to accumulate and be extremely difficult to shift. Luckily, certain slimming patches can help target fat burning in specific areas. Read on to learn how to use slimming patches to effectively reduce stubborn fat in places like the abs, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Focus on Your Abdomen  

To slim your abdominal area, apply patches directly onto your belly. Ingredients like green tea extract will be absorbed into the skin and help shrink fat cells in this zone. Rotate the placement around the stomach area to boost effects. Pair with belly-focused exercises like crunches.

Slim Your Arms

Wrap slimming patches around the backs of your upper arms to streamline flabby bingo wings. Moving the patches around the arm zone will let the active botanical extracts be absorbed evenly. Do arm toning moves like pushups and dumbbell lifts to further define your arms.

Target Your Thighs

Adhere patches to outer and inner thighs, moving placement regularly. Substances like bladderwrack and caffeine work to diminish cellulite and shrink fat cells. Do squats and lunges to tone up your thighs for a sleeker silhouette.

Lift Your Buttocks  

Applying patches to your buttocks lets the botanical ingredients penetrate and reduce fat accumulation in this area. Shift placement across the cheeks for optimal absorption. Combine with butt-toning moves like hip thrusts and kickbacks.

Strategic slimming patch placement allows you to target and treat stubborn fat in your body’s trouble zones. Partner with an appropriate diet and targeted exercises to enhance your results.

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