The Best Heat Patches for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps affect over 90% of menstruating women. The pain stems from contractions in the uterus caused by prostaglandin chemicals. Applying heat is an effective way to get relief from cramping. When choosing heat patches for cramps, look for

Targeted Design

Patches made specifically for menstrual cramps target the lower abdomen and back. KONGDY’s Menstrual Heat Patches are contoured to wrap around the abdomen. This directs soothing warmth right to the core muscles causing the pain. 

Long-Lasting Heat

Extended relief helps you get through the day or night more comfortably. KONGDY Menstrual Heat Patches provide up to 8 hours of continuous, soothing warmth. The insulated exterior prevents heat loss for all-night comfort.

Adhesive Security 

Patches that stay put allow for hands-free pain relief. KONGDY’s cramps patches feature a breathable yet secure adhesive to maintain full contact with the skin for better absorption. The flexible design moves with you.

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Fast Relief 

Menstrual heat patches use ingredients like iron powder to generate gentle, penetrating warmth. This helps muscles relax while also reducing inflammation and cramping. KONGDY’s patches start working in just 30 seconds.

Herbal Actives

Some patches add herbs like angelica, cinnamon, and ginger which may further ease menstrual pain. KONGDY includes a soothing blend of capsicum, rosemary, and other botanicals.

Discreet Size

Thin, lightweight patches are easy to wear under clothes without bulky bumps.

KONGDY’s line of Menstrual Heat Patches checks all the boxes for quickly easing cramps on heavy days. Follow package directions and don’t exceed recommended usage times. See a doctor if cramps interfere with daily life.

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